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Have you just returned home from your dude ranch vacation suffering the post-travel blues, while also questioning your life choices? Or perhaps you’re tired of the rat race, would like to travel more and learn new skills? 

Here Top50 Ranches shows you how you can trade your suit for saddles and switch from latte runs to lassoing calves!

Ranches with internships

Dive into ranch life! Unlike typical corporate internships, ranch internships throw you head first into a vibrant, dynamic, rural and often rustic world. 

On a ranch internship, you’ll literally learn the ropes of running a ranch, whether it's learning about a working cattle operation, running a guest ranch, or delving into the hospitality side of an Ultra Ranch

Internships at McGinnis Meadows

Getting hands on: Prepare to swap spreadsheets for steers as you learn about livestock, natural horsemanship techniques and even crucial topics like land management, sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. 

You’ll likely gain a truly holistic understanding of ranching and ranch life on an internship at a ranch, the key is finding the right ranch for your interests and abilities

If you’re looking for an internship opportunity on a ranch, it’s important to contact each ranch individually to see what they offer and if it’s a good fit for you.

WREX (Working Ranch Experiences)

Embrace the raw, rewarding reality of ranch life with our exciting new genre of working ranch vacations: WREX – Working Ranch Experiences.

WREX ranches await keen adults seeking an authentic and challenging working travel experience; think of it as ‘WWOOF for ranches’!

Instead of being a pampered guest, you'll work alongside ranch staff and owners, learning valuable skills and experiencing the true grit of ranch life first-hand.

WREX at Badger Creek Ranch Colorado

On an authentic working ranch experience, you’ll step into the boots of a real cowboy or cowgirl and have the chance to hone your horsemanship, handle livestock and participate in daily ranch tasks.

No experience necessary, just a willingness to learn and a love for the outdoors!

Experiencing the cultural exchange is invaluable, too, a WREX working ranch experience is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to truly immerse yourself in the unique lifestyle and traditions of working ranches, connecting with your hosts, the guests and fellow participants.

Explore our ranches’ WREX opportunities here and be sure to check back as more and more begin to offer this way of life!

*N.B. our WREX ranches are offering these experiences for adults only. Various lodging, length-of-stay and pricing options usually available.

Dude Ranch Jobs

Aside from going to work on a ranch as a learning experience, ranches also offer many many different types of paid career opportunities.

Today, more than ever, ranches and lodges are looking for qualified and enthusiastic job seekers like you, who want to bring to guests the very best in service and adventure, making their lifetime dreams come true. 

Introducing Dude Ranch Jobs, the website showcasing some incredible job opportunities on ranches, in some of the most spectacular locations on the planet! 

Work at Vista Verde Ranch

And you don’t have to be horsey: ranches need people from all walks of life; including reception staff, chefs, sommeliers, fishing guides, kids coordinators, wranglers and many many others. You never know, they may be looking for someone with exactly what you offer…

Number one in the world for dude and guest ranch jobs, Dude Ranch Jobs is here to help match you with the ranch and job of your dreams – so saddle up and let's ride into ranch country together! 

Ranch vacations to working ranches

Go on vacation as a guest to a real working ranch and enjoy all the luxuries of being a guest at the ranch, while seeing how a real working ranch is run – and if you wish, you also have the opportunity to enjoy it from a hands-on perspective, too!

Bull Hill Guest Ranch

If you're feeling energetic and want to try something new, you can opt in to helping out around the ranch – as much or as little as you wish. Or not at all! You are on vacation after all!

A ranch vacation to a working ranch really does offer you a real taste of a different way of life and who knows, you might go on to explore internships on ranches, or go on a WREX (Working Ranch Experience)!

Happy Trails!

Don't get left behind, our ranches are reporting being booked up more in advance than ever before, some even a year ahead! Check our ranches’ availability here and bag your favorite destination today.

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Written and created by Kate Hammaren; luxury and adventure travel writer, editor and world traveler.

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