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Argentina Horseback Riding Holidays

Argentina Horseback riding holidays, or ranch vacations, are the best way to immerse in a truly authentic culture - Spanish conquistadors, gauchos, Jesuit priests, and a history dating back to the 17th century

With distinct landscapes of stunning snow covered volcanic peaks to the grand Andes Mountains, you’ll experience a vastness often unknown.

Top50's Argentine working estancias offer the finest in horseback riding holidays – from pack trips across the Andes to experiencing the best polo horseback riding holidays. Ride fantastic Argentine horses – brought from Europe in the time of the Spanish conquests, enjoy warm hospitality, and relax in pristine surroundings.

Estancia Ranquilco

Ranquilco is like a hidden world, set deep in the Patagonian mountains the only way in is on horseback! True adventure and unparalleled remoteness for the avid rider

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