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Okay, over the years everyone has told you what TO wear on your dude ranch vacation, but has anyone every told you what NOT to wear?

What not to wear on a dude ranch vacation

What not to wear on your dude ranch vacation: for your safety AND your comfort. We hope to amuse you and enlighten you!


10) Dress up as a guest like John Wayne with guns on the belt...long spurs.

9) Hawaiian shirt & big screen sunglasses flapping around

8) Shorts to go horseback riding

7) Telephones, ear phones, radios in tow

6) Hat that won't stay on your head

5) Hiking boots to go riding

4) A huge cigar in your mouth

3) Austrian Lederhosen...

2) Very low hip jeans - trust us, this will not be comfortable during riding! Much better for night time kickin' back. They will certainly crawl under your fanny whilst you're riding and cause great discomfort!

And...the number 1 item you should never wear on a dude ranch, horseback riding vacation...drum roll please...

#1) Thong underwear!

Sorry, ladies, but it's true. We're just looking out for your comfort on your riding holiday!

What to wear on a dude ranch vacation that we've covered what NOT to wear and had a little fun, let's cover what TO wear.

What to wear or tote along with you during your dude ranch vacation riding holiday can really vary depending upon where you're headed, what type of ranch you're headed to and what time of year, so make sure to ask each ranch to which you travel.

Here's a short list of essentials:

1 Cantene or water bottle(something smaller that can go with you on rides, but ask each ranch their policy on this)

1 pair Leather gloves(especially at a real working ranch)

2 sleeveless tops or camisoles

2 Button-down shirts

1-2 pairs of shorts

2 pairs of jeans(seam on outside preferably and make sure to wash a handful of time to soften)

1 light, waterproof jacket

EVENING - depending upon the ranch - casual or formal, the below can vary

3 tops

2 pairs of dress jeans

1 light weight jacket


1 pair of low heeled boots

1 pair of comfortable walking shoes or sneakers

1 pair of flip-flops or sandals


1 cowboy hat(optional - but make sure it stays on your head!)


sports bra, sunscreen, bug spray, bathing suit(depending upon the ranch), spandex shorts to wear under your jeans(not needed, but may improve your comfort - we've seen people buy those biking shorts with padding in them for their riding holiday)

Make sure to ask each ranch ahead of time if they have a blow dryer and hair wash.


Do make sure that you don't try to bring a lot of heavy items to carry with you each day on the horse. If you put heavy items in your saddle bag(which many times sits behind you on the saddle) it can create quite a bit of pressure and banging around on the horse's kidneys. So, please on your day rides, pack minimally.


We do recommend working to get into shape before your dude ranch vacation experience - mainly for your comfort! It's rare in real life that you sit with your legs around a barrel for 1 hour to 6 hours a day!!

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