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You’re looking forward to a week of riding in the wide open spaces, the feeling of freedom, fresh air on your face and the sounds of wildlife all around you. Instead you find yourself limited to routine rides with your horse’s nose firmed fixed in another horse’s butt! We feel your pain, and have researched The Top 10 Riding Destinations for Experienced Riders – each chosen ranch offers riding freedom for the advanced rider.

Whether you are a dedicated riding instructor or a professional rider at the top of your game, why not try a whole new riding experience. With true, quality riding opportunities at the forefront, these top ranches provide a range of riding from cross country and trail riding to cattle and horse drives. showcases a range of working ranches that offer unique opportunities to live and help out on a real working ranch or simply ride in the wide-open spaces. The Top 10 Riding Destinations are guaranteed to bring back the fun of riding and the feel of freedom as you gallop across the sweeping landscapes.

The best ranches for experienced horse riders

The Hideout, Wyoming, offers a taste of European luxury combined with the real ranch experiences of working with cattle on 250,000 acres. Trailer high up into the mountains for beautiful, majestic views whilst learning hands-on stockmanship.

Or, how about try Rowse's 1 plus 1 in the sandhills of Nebraska. On this private working ranch, you will receive one on one time driving cattle with authentic generational ranchers. You will enjoy their personal attention and and will find their tried and true ranch horses phenomenal.

Many of the Top50Ranches offer daily cattle work, with cattle drive weeks, branding weeks and tailored group weeks catered to exactly what you want. McGinnis Meadows offers Buck Brannaman-style horsemanship with several specialty weeks for learning to rope, move cattle and embrace their way of life...all with a base of luxury and attention to every detail in your stay, right down to the hand-crafted saddles you ride.

You can always choose to head to Mexico, just 55 miles off the border of Arizona, for yet another working ranch experience. With beautiful country to ride and authentic cattle work on thousands of private acres, and few guests at one time, you will enjoy the gracious and hospitable style with Ranch Los Banos.

Latigo Ranch, in Colorado, located at 9000 feet is surrounded by vast spruce forests, sprawling aspen groves, lush high meadows, and crystalline streams features where you will experience an overnight trip across the continental divide and learn to throw a rope from the back of a horse.

Experience luxury and riding with Andrew Harper’s pick for 'Favorite Property' with The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. With The Ranch at Rock Creek, you will experience one-on-one riding, by request, at the pace and direction you wish to travel.

Check out Montana guest ranchBar W for their Cowboying on the Great Divide week. Head out to the Blackfoot reservation and ride on 50,000 acres to gather cattle, drive them to the corrals, brand, inoculate and doctor the young males. Then, head back to their local spa and relax after a terrific week of riding.

Each Top50Ranch is unique in some way, whether in its riding opportunities, natural surroundings, owners & staff, or the unique activities they offer. With the Top50 Ranches, you’ll see riding itineraries; types of horses; pack trips and overnights; authentic working ranch activities; ranches featuring rodeo skills; pace options; wrangler profiles and horse care.

Or if you want pure luxury with the freedom to ride and no work, check out Top50’s Guest, Dude or Luxury Ranches, some of the best in the world!

About founder and CEO Jody Dahl is on a personal mission to promote the wholesome ranching lifestyle to the travel community. Jody grew up on a ranch and currently owns a Montana guest ranch. She is passionate about showcasing authentic ranch and riding vacations...and about delivering accurate information. Feedback from guests and research on hundreds of ranches led her to create – a resource for travellers worldwide featuring a select collection of ranches that have met her established criteria of riding standards or excellence, hospitality, accommodation, activities – all embracing the true Cowboy Culture. To find your ideal ranch experience, nominate a ranch, or further information visit

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