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Planning a trail riding vacation and want to avoid the rather limiting ‘nose-to-tail’ debacle? We have the answers – and the best ranches for trail rides! Read on...

You’re looking forward to a week of riding in the wide open spaces, the feeling of freedom, fresh air on your face and the sounds of wildlife all around you.

Instead you find yourself limited to routine rides with your horse’s nose firmed fixed in another horse’s butt! Top50 Ranches feels your pain and has the ‘no surprises’ solution with complete riding details for each of their ranches. Not with trail riding vacations from Top50 Ranches!

Our Top50Ranches best ranches for trail rides are researched in full detail and reviewed and highlighted with full disclosure so you know exactly the type of riding activities are available on dude ranch vacations – whether you are an experienced rider, a beginner, or just want to advance your skills.

You’ll also see riding itineraries; types of horses; pack trips and overnights; authentic working ranch activities; learning rodeo skills; pace options; wrangler profiles and horse care at each dude ranch vacation.

The best ranches for trail riding

If you want to explore on horsebackTop50 Ranches riding highlights: Lazy L&B Ranch offers spectacular riding in the heart of Wyoming’s diverse terrain, over mountains, riparian, forest, desert, and the wide open vastness of the West. They also offer untouched fly-fishing and opportunities to experience a real town rodeo.  

Estancia Los Potreros is set in a beautiful reserve at the top of the Cordoba Hills in the centre of Argentina and is known for its fabulous horses. Here you can ride along with the gauchos; have a go at the sport of polo; take a long-distance pack trip or simply enjoy the pristine beauty of the country.

For a once in a lifetime adventure take the Selway Wilderness Ride at Montana’s luxurious Triple Creek Ranch. A private plane transports you to an untouched wilderness where riding equipment, horses, fishing gear and camera all await you.

Or why not ride through the Crown Wilderness on old logging roads and cattle trails at Three Bars, located in British Columbia, Canada? Far from civilization, you are surrounded by the majestic wilderness; be the first person to ride in the area and observe moose, bear, coyote and nature’s finest all around you.

Pack up and leave the Latigo Ranch in Colorado far behind as you experience a genuine pack ride over the continental divide or depart from Lone Mountain Ranch and ride through the untouched backcountry of Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

With Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge, also a Montana guest ranch, take a comfortable, scenic ride or ride with the cowboys and bushwhack your way across the property. Ride through their private 500 acre Rocky Mountain Elk Preserve where you can experience herds of large bull elk, horseback.

At The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana, they forge their own trails so you ride openly through the property instead of following repetitive set trails; riders always see something new and fresh while enjoying solitude and peacefulness beyond compare. A ride to “The Top of the World” where you can see forever and will even be able to view Montana’s fabulous Pintler Mountains.

Alisal Ranch sits on a 10,000-acre working cattle ranch in sunny California. This is a one-of-a-kind resort blending the best of nature and private wilderness with horseback riding.

It’s easy to find your ideal trail riding holiday at and discover a variety of trail riding like no other, surrounded by beautiful scenery, riding top quality horses and experienced knowledgeable guides.

In addition each profile includes: location and transportation; accommodations; services and amenities; riding programs; dining options; staff profiles; children/family programs; special events; seasonal activities; offsite points of interest; special needs services; rate information plus guest reviews, Trip Advisor comments and Twitter feeds.

About Top50 Ranches founder and CEO Jody Dahl is on a personal mission to promote the wholesome ranching lifestyle to the travel community. Jody grew up on a ranch and currently owns a Montana guest ranch. She is passionate about showcasing authentic ranch and riding vacations...and about delivering accurate information. Feedback from guests and research on hundreds of ranches led her to create – a resource for travellers worldwide featuring a select collection of ranches that have met her established criteria of hospitality, accommodation, activities and riding standards of excellence – all embracing the true Cowboy Culture. And yes it's a work in progress as she continues her search to find the perfect 50! To find your ideal ranch experience or further information visit

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