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A ranch vacation, or ranch holiday, are vacations that are created for people who enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. These vacations offer plenty of opportunities for horseback riding, as well as other outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, hiking, or even relaxing in a hammock while reading a book. It is important to remember that some vacations are aimed towards people who have spent many hours in a saddle, while some are specifically for people who are just beginning to learn the art of horseback riding. If the outdoor activities are not for you, but you want to spend time on a ranch, do not worry as there are ranch vacation packages that involve activities, such as spa facilities. Pampering is just a click away when using Top50 to book your ranch holidays.

Top50 is unique in that we vet every ranch we list and will give you exactly what you are looking for when trying to plan your dream ranch vacation.

Dude Ranch Vacations

A dude ranch can be classed as a resort – but a resort like no other! Mirroring traditional Western ranches as authentically as possible, luxury dude ranch vacations offer horseback riding alongside a barrage of diverse activities with a little pampering on the side. Extensive on-site facilities allow luxury dude ranches to accommodate a large number of guests, so this kind of Western vacation is perfect for larger groups or families, as well as non-riders wishing to kick back in true cowboy style!

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Working Ranch Vacations

A trip to a working ranch means a truly authentic Western experience. These large farms focus on raising cattle, horses and sheep, and there’s no nose-to-tail riding here – instead you’ll experience riding with a purpose! A working ranch experience offers the opportunity to spend many hours in the saddle, moving cattle and helping out with the day to day operations of the ranch. If you’re a keen rider and want to get stuck into cattle work, a working ranch vacation is right up your track!

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