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Ranch weddings are an unique and exceptional way to commit your life to the one you love. Your wedding may only last one day, but the memories you create when you get married on a ranch will last a lifetime. When choosing your wedding venue, why not choose something a little bit different that reflects your personalities? Ideal for small or large wedding parties, and those who enjoy luxury or just want to be closer to the great outdoors, there really is a ranch wedding to suit everyone.

The ceremony of your dreams

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding Ceremony

Photo: Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch, Idaho

Picture the scene. You are stood opposite your loved one, committing to each other for the rest of your lives under the clearest, most blue sky you have ever seen. It seems to go on for eternity. You look right – all of your friends and family are smiling back at you. You look the other way – a stunning mountain range dominates the sky line. It's perfect, a dream. But it doesn't have to just be a dream and it doesn't even have to be that dream!

Exchange your vows for the first time under beautiful mountain ranges with everyone you know as witnesses or recommit to each other on a beach, renewing your vows in front of only your closest family members. Choose a ceremony to reflect who you are as a couple, after all, this day is all about you.

Captured on camera

Top50 Ranches weddings

As well as your fantastic memories, you will also be taking home some of your most treasured wedding moments captured on camera.

Photo: Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch, Idaho

Photographs of your special day will take on extra significance as your memories will be so vivid, you'll almost be able to feel the fresh breeze in your hair as you exchange rings, smell the ranch cooking of your first meal as a committed couple and relive your first kiss on the shores of the lake.

Idaho Rocky Couple Lake

Photo: Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

Accommodation for all tastes

The resort at Paws Up

Photo: The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

From rugged traditional ranch houses to luxury camping locations, you can decide exactly how you and your guests will enjoy your stay. Do you want vibrant communal breakfasts around a rustic table or quiet contemplation in individual tents to prepare you for the day ahead? Whatever you want, there is a ranch that will be ready to welcome you with open arms.

The resort at Paws Up, bedroom

And for that all important romantic wedding night, you can choose from everything from intimate private lodges to earthy camping adventures. Wake up next to expansive lakes, at the foot of mountains or on a cattle ranch with rolling hills, cattle and horses at your door.

Fabulous wedding food

Echo Valley Ranch Dining

Photo: Echo Valley Resort and Spa, British Columbia, Canada

The choice of food for your special day is as varied at the ranches themselves. Pick traditional ranch cooking for 100 guests or high-end dining with a western twist for 20, and everything inbetween. Just as we all come with our favourite dishes, each ranch comes with their own signature style of food. You're sure to find your favourite and discover new delights along the way.

The resort at Paws Up Great Angus Hall

Photo: The Resort at Paws Up

Stay for your honeymoon

There is no need to end the magic the morning after your wedding day. Stay at your chosen ranch for your honeymoon and experience all that the Top50 Ranches have to offer. For the active couple, round-up the cattle on working ranches, go hiking on mountain tops or try deep-sea fishing. For the adventurous, go whale watching or white water rafting. Or if you are just looking to escape in the company of each other, relax with a spa vacation, where you can be pampered as a couple in quiet, stunning surroundings.

Triple Creek ranch hot tub

Photo: Triple Creek Ranch, Montana

To choose the perfect ranch for you, visit Top50 Ranches pick for destination weddings or look at the whole range of Top50 Ranches to plan your honeymoon, a romantic holiday or next action adventure.

- Soraya Abdel-Hadi

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