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Just what lengths will a horse go to in order to prove his bombproof-ability? Top50 Ranches' Ranch horse Willy demonstrates just how chilled horses can be, by stepping into the ranch home – taking all manner of strange sights and sounds in his stride along the way...

“Howdy – I’m Willy, western ranch horse and pretty cool dude if you ask me. You’ll often find me moseying around the pastures of my home, Runamuk Guest Ranch in Montana, USA – although sometimes I get a bit generous and let guests climb on board for some trail rides.

"And I must say, I’m the perfect gentleman – I walk nose-to-tail on the trail and never even consider putting in a buck or running off when novice guest riders are in the saddle. But if someone asks me to go faster, I always love to oblige!

“I gotta admit though, I sometimes get a little bored with all that green grass and my herd of equine pals. So some days I like to pay a visit to my human buddies in the ranch house. I’ve got knocking on the front door with my nose down to a fine art, and everyone welcomes me in to say “Hi” – the kids especially love it when I come visit!

“There may be lots of ‘scary’ things around – like weird things called microwaves and fridges (I’ll never understand these humans) – but I take it all in my stride. After all, I’ve got to live up to my reputation as the ultimate equine dude!”

If you want to be guaranteed a bombproof ride on your ranch vacation, Top50 Ranches can recommend a whole host of ranches with horses just like Willy. We can’t guarantee your new equine pal will join you at the dinner table, but he’ll certainly give you the best western riding experience you could ever wish for!

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Whether you head to one of Top50's dude ranch vacations, guest ranch vacations, working ranch vacations we know you'll have a great time.

Or book a riding holiday estancia Argentina or a riding holiday to Canada! Either way Top50 Ranches can help you find that ideal ranch experience.

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