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Mustangs: During my recent trip to the fabulous American West, I finally got to witness one of the most fascinating, soul stirring sights.

Wyoming wild mustangs

I had heard I could find them in Wyoming but was not sure exactly where. So I did my research. And I stumbled upon a passionate man who loves them: Ken Martin. In 2002, he started the "Red Canyon Wild Mustang Tours" and since then he has brought many guests to meet the horses.

Big Horse Basin mustang in Wyoming

While out with Ken, we were fortunate to spot one of the bands he calls "The paints". This group was described in his book as some of the shyest horses in the area. I am grateful they did not decide to shy away from us. Instead we had the opportunity to admire them in their splendid free state, unencumbered by the world.

White mustangs at water hole Wyoming

We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of their healthy, shiny coats and (often entangled but oh, so lovely) manes. I returned the next day on my own and, almost like a grand closure, I witnessed the exhilarating sight of the same band running into the sunset, like they should. Leaving a cloud of dust behind and me wondering if this was all just a beautiful dream, painted in the most beautiful colours I have seen.

Big Horse Basin Mustangs

About the Wyoming wild horses:

The wild horses in Wyoming are of Spanish decent or those tempted away from ranches by wild herds. Strict rules are in place to ensure these horses remain wild and as unaffected by humans as possible.

Wild mustang rules in Wyoming

About Manuela:

Manuela Stefan is a lifestyle and equine photographer with a deep passion for travel. Her ‘Graceful Horses’ collection came to life as a result of her strong connection with the spirit of the horse. Manuela’s fine equine art collections have been exhibited in galleries based in Toronto ON, Collingwood ON and Montana US. Based in Toronto, Manuela is available for private and commercial projects in Canada and internationally.

Website: Facebook: Twitter: @gracefulhorses

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