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Why not plan the trip of a lifetime... experience the Wild West, riding the plains, driving cattle, living the life of a true cowboy. is a brand dedicated to showcasing some of the most breathtaking, authentic and luxurious destinations in the world and is a resource for travellers seeking authentic ranch and riding vacations.

Each ranch meets established criteria of hospitality, accommodation, activities and riding standards of excellence.Top50 researches only those who are unique, authentic and who offer excellent hospitality – putting the guest first.

There is a wide selection of Working ranches to help choose your ideal getaway, whether you are looking for challenge, adventure or working true cowboy style.

Bonanza Creek, Montana, offers the experience of cattle work twice a week working with over 1200 head of cattle moving them to new pastures as water and grass dictate. Bonanza is perfect for intermediate and experienced riders.

The Hideout, Wyoming, offers a taste of European luxury combined with the real ranch experiences of working with cattle on 250,000 acres. Trailer high up into the mountains for beautiful, majestic views whilst learning hands-on stockmanship true cowboy style.

Or, how about Rowse's 1 plus 1 in the sand hills of Nebraska. On this private working ranch, experience the romantic vision of the old west, learn to work cattle, ride the range and experience life as a real cowboy on a real working cattle ranch, riding side by side with the owners.

McGinnis Meadows offers Buck Brannaman-style horsemanship with several specialty weeks for learning to rope, move cattle and embrace their way of life...all with a base of luxury and attention to every detail in your stay, right down to the hand-crafted saddles you ride.

Head out for the New Zealand back country on a working sheep and cattle ranch with Beaumont High Country Experience. They offer something a little different with sheep mustering, cattle roundups and pure mountain riding. And they do it all by tailoring it to your specific desires.

You could also give Bar W, Montana a try and join them in the Fall for the Cowboying on the Divide. Head to the Blackfoot reservation and gather cattle on 50,000 pristine acres. You’ll ride as far as you can see to gather cattle, drive them back to the corrals, sort and doctor.

Los Banos Ranch, Mexico, an adventure guest ranch and working cattle ranch located at the foot of the Sierra Madre. Experience a real, genuine and unique Mexican roundup full of vaqueros, horses, cattle, and lots of drives and cattle work.

Many of the Top50Ranches offer daily cattle work, with cattle drive weeks, branding weeks and tailored group weeks catered to exactly what you want. continually assess the ranches, both on and off the site to ensure they’re representing the absolute top ranches, making it easy and hassle free – you just have to make the decision of which one!

In addition each profile includes: location and transportation; accommodations; services and amenities; riding programs; dining options; staff profiles; children/family programs; special events; seasonal activities; offsite points of interest; special services; rate information plus guest reviews, Trip Advisor comments and Twitter feeds.

About Top50 Ranches founder and CEO Jody Dahl is on a personal mission to promote the wholesome ranching lifestyle to the travel community. Jody grew up on a ranch and currently owns a Montana guest ranch. She is passionate about showcasing authentic ranch and riding vacations...and about delivering accurate information. Feedback from guests and research on hundreds of ranches led her to create – a resource for travellers worldwide featuring a select collection of ranches that have met her established criteria of hospitality, accommodation, activities and riding standards of excellence – all embracing the true Cowboy Culture. To find your ideal ranch experience or further information visit Also find this feature at

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