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Photographer Eddie Thornton shares his experience at Estancia Ranquilco with Top50 Ranches. Also read about Top50 Ranches' trip to Estancia Ranquilco, detailing a three-hour ride just to reach the working estancia!

Estancia Ranquilco: The Argentina ranch of dreams!

Last night I dreamt of Argentina ranch, Estancia Ranquilco, the ideal riding holiday. Perhaps the timid city wind that toyed listlessly with my bedroom curtains blew in memories of its mighty Patagonian cousin that whipped across the sun scorched mountains and filled our grinning mouths with dust.

The wind that snatched the gleeful whoops from gauchos' mouths and tossed them ineffective into the valley below, as we made our final decent to the 'big house' and the Asado barbecue.

We'd raced against the shortening day to reach the river by last light, and now, with hats clutched firmly to our heads we urge our blowing horses to forge the icy water; the taste of roast goat and chilled red wine already on our lips.

And at last our hoots and whistles are heard above and answered by those already there. We are the last arrivals, and the meat is almost cooked. Horses to pasture and tack stowed away, we join our friends on the terrace as the baby goat is removed from the spike on which it has been roasting by hot coals for hours.

Joining the Patron and his family are a medley of paying guests, young volunteer workers and gauchos. And crowding around the Asado pit, each with a hunk of bread and ludicrously oversized knife in hand, we jostle for the best cuts of dripping meat.

Jam jars of chilled red wine wash down the hot tender chunks cut liberally from the bone, and for a short while Estancia Ranquilco bathes in the satisfied silence of appeased hunger.

But as the moon rises across the valley, and the notes from an accordion strike up, we suck the fat from greasy fingers and stow away our gaucho knives. Now it's time to dance.

Photographer Eddie Thornton - Eddie spent several months at Argentina ranch, Estancia Ranquilco experiencing their way of life and enjoying the ultimate riding holiday.


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