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We’ve picked the top 10 things we’re sure you’ll love to get involved in on your dude ranch vacation this year!

Of course there is a multitude of exciting, exhilarating, relaxing, or random new activities you can turn your hoof to, too many to mention, but we at Top50 have done the research and come up with a definitive list of some really awesome adventures you simply have to indulge in on your vacation of a lifetime.


1. Great food and wine – All our ranches pride themselves on offering their guests gourmet gastronomical delights, certain to tickle your tastebuds after a long day adventuring or in the saddle. Become a connoisseur at wine tasting, sharpen up your skills with some cooking classes and fill your belly with some luscious, locally sourced food.

2. Let your kids enjoy true freedom! – They’ll voluntarily put down their devices when they hear what awesome activities they can get involved in! Whether they are organized, supervised adventures or if you just want to spend time as a family, the options to keep your kids entertained are endless at a dude ranch.

3. Cattle drives – Get involved in ranch life! Guests learn firsthand from seasoned ranch hands how to move 100 to 1,500 head of cattle, just as it’s been done in the West for more than a century.

4. Fly fishing – Make the most of the multitudes of stunning rivers and lakes in the wilds, and take time out to try some world-class fly fishing. Seasoned pro? Giving it a go for the first time? Doesn’t matter – everyone is catered for!

5. Spas – Get some serious downtime in and indulge in some of the most indulgent spa packages, in the most luxurious locations. It’s the perfect antidote to your life outside your ranch vacation and there’s nothing better than a relaxing rubdown after miles and miles of trail rides.

6. Special occasions – What a way to spend a special occasion! Be it a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding, honeymoon or anniversary, a ranch is the perfect place to let loose and celebrate.

7. Corporate retreats – Get out of the office and get team building! Staff and colleagues will feel refreshed, de-stressed, motivated and inspired when immersed in the beauty of nature.

8. Wildlife/safari tours – Explore the inhabitants of the mountains, plains, ranges and rivers; there are some truly unusual sights to be seen.

9. Authentic cowboy culture – Live like they did in the ol’ Wild West all those years ago. Experience campfires and cookouts, sleep in old Western frontier towns surrounded by rustic-chic décor, and learn how to herd and ride, and manage a real live workin’ ranch.

10. Extreme sports – If you’re a thrillseeker, then most ranches can offer you adrenaline-fuelled activities to keep that blood pumpin’! There’s rock climbing, zip-lining, white-water rafting and much, much more!

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