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A bit o' Cowboy Fashion History...

Many people have a false image of what the cowboys of the Old West actually wore when doing their job. When most people think of a cowboy in the times of million-acre open range ranches, they think of a cowboy with twin six-shooters in their holster, and looking like Buffalo Bill.

Actually, the cowboys back then didn't look much different from the simply dressed cowboys of today. Their clothing didn't focus so much as looking sophisticated, rather they simply wanted clothing that could stand up to the rigors of the Western Plains.



1. My idea of a perfect vacation is to:

2. On vacation I like to eat:

3. While I’m away I like my children to:

4. My thoughts about animals on holiday are:

5. I like to stay:

6. If there are three things I must do on holiday they would be:

7. The view I most like to look out on is:

8. On holiday I like it if:

9. The most stressful thing to avoid on vacation is:

10. When I tell my friends about my vacation I want to say: