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Top50 Ranches teams up with Los Angeles producer Kerry Lambert for the first ever online Ranch Travel Channel and Public Television Series: Discover Ranches

Find out the real stories behind the guardians of timeless landscapes, supporters of local communities, creators of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, producers of cattle and cultivators of award-winning food this December at

Discover Ranches Trailer shot at Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort, California

Through the eyes of experts, proprietors and visitors, Discover Ranches viewers will discover what makes each ranch unique, the history that shapes ranch life and the modern developments which both bring challenges and innovation to the homesteads. From traditional working ranches driving cattle across open ranges, to luxury spa resorts where guests can enjoy everything from white water rafting to picnics on private beaches, viewers experience what all ranches have in common – family values, personality and a warm welcome – and the variety which makes every ranch destination one of a kind.

Beginning December 1, Discover Ranches will launch the first of a series of 3-5 minute featurettes, or ‘Webisodes’, showcasing 10 different ranch vacations and their most outstanding, unique attributes. Viewers get an inside look into the varied world of ranching, all its facets - not just focusing on travel but the day-to-day life and the people who make it all happen.

The Discover Travel Network, and Discover Ranches, the ranch series, are the brainchild of long-time rancher and Top50 Business owner Jody Dahl, and television Producer Kerry Lambert (Food Network, Discovery Channel, The Cooking Channel, PBS).

Discover Ranches sponsors include DeBruycker Charolais, Top50 Ranches, Ameripride, Ranch & Reata magazine, and Ubiquitas Design.

For more information:,, in Montana (406)749-9131, in California (818)917-3527

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