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Top Countries for a Ranch Vacation When looking for a ranch holiday destination, the first thing to do is to decide whether you want to see the mountains, the desert or prairie. Its also very important to decide which time of the year you want to go since that will help you narrow the choices. Most of the Canadian and American ranches are open during the summers while those in South America are more popular during the winter months.

Canada A number of luxury ranch resorts are spread throughout Alberta and British Columbia. These boutique wilderness resorts offer intimate hideaways for families and couples to explore the Canadian west. Daily horse rides lead to river crossings, mountain passes, meadows and alpine lakes opening up to wonderful views. If you are an experienced rider and have proven ability, you may enjoy riding unescorted through the beautiful trails and parks of Canada. If you get lucky, you may get a glimpse of grizzlies, elks, black bears and deer roaming around thw parks such as Banff National Park of Alberta. In addition to riding, these ranch resorts also offer canoeing, fly-fishing, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, rodeo, skeet shooting and nature walks. Some of the most popular ranch holiday destinations in Canada are Banff, Tofino, Clinton, Cranbrook and Heffley Creek.

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