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Planning a vacation for the holiday season? The experts at Lone Mountain Guest Ranch, Montana, share their top 8 reasons to take your family to a dude ranch this festive time!

Did you know that dude ranches offer similar amenities and benefits to all-inclusive resorts and hotels? Whether your family is looking for a working dude ranch, luxury ranch, or spending the holidays at a guest ranch, there is a ranch that fits your needs. As the holiday season approaches, many families are looking for different and unique ways to spend time with their loved ones. Here are the top 8 reasons to take your family to a Guest Ranch this holiday season.


1. You know the price up front

Lone Mountain Ranch

The best Dude Ranches for holiday season are all-inclusive so you know the price before your arrival. Typically, holiday ranch packages include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day. Most ranches include holiday festivities such as tree trimming, a kids' holiday program, sleigh rides, cookie decorating, visits from Santa, and caroling with crew and other guests. Knowing what is included in your package gives you peace of mind for your holiday budget.


2. It’s not always about the horses

When people think of a guest ranch, horses are often the first thing that comes to mind. Some ranches do offer trail riding during the winter; however, many guest ranches do not offer winter horseback riding. With that being said, there are so many other activities for everyone to enjoy. Some of the winter activities offered at ranches include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, ice skating, dog sledding, and nearby downhill skiing. There is always something for all ages and skill levels.

3. Holiday children’s programs

Lone Mountain Ranch children

There are many guest ranches that offer a children’s program during the holiday season. This gives kids the opportunity to meet other children from around the world, interact with counselors and learn new things about the ranch. Children will often take part in activities such as cookie decorating, visiting with Santa, reindeer tracking, sledding, building igloos, cross-country skiing, learning about wildlife and so much more.


4. Family time

Lone Mountain Ranch cabin fire

We all know that family time can be limited in our everyday lives. Parents are working, children are in school, and grandparents live in different states. Holidays always seem to bring families together from all over the country and what better way to enjoy this Christmas than at a cozy, inviting guest ranch. Holiday ranch vacations give families a chance to reconnect with one another, spend time away from their busy lives and appreciate each other’s company.

5. Connect with nature

Whether you live in a metropolitan area of the northeast, in a warm, humid southern city, or live along the west coast, there is a guest ranch for you. Are you looking for beautiful majestic mountains, a white Christmas and pristine snow-laden forests? Spending time away from your home town can be a great way to disconnect and experience the natural world. Many guests do not spend much time in their cabins, but rather enjoy the fresh air and the wonderful offerings a ranch provides.


6. Unplug from technology

So often in today’s world, technology is a way of life. Many guest ranches do not have television, phones or internet service (unless you really need it). This gives families a chance to unplug from technology and enjoy spending the holiday season with their loved ones without distractions.


7. Meet other families

Lone Mountain Ranch social evening

One great thing about traveling to a guest ranch is the opportunity to meet families from all over the world. Ranches will host guests from New York, California, Georgia, as well as England and Australia. Many guests coming from another part of the world want to experience the holiday season and meet other families from the United States. Learning about different cultures can be so rewarding and often times, families will make lifelong friends.


8. Great food

Who doesn’t love great ranch food? Guest ranches are known for providing guests with wonderful, hearty food and the holiday season is no exception. Many guest ranches have a fabulous Christmas Eve Dinner, a huge holiday spread for Christmas Brunch, and another Christmas Dinner. Don’t worry! You will be able to burn off those delicious holiday calories with the many activities that guest ranches offer.

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- Jody Dahl

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