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Rancho Los Banos in Sonora, Mexico, recently received a visit from a UK national newspaper's roving reporter. Amy Willis, LA-based digital editor of British daily newspaper The Telegraph, paid a visit to the Mexico working ranch earlier this year for the Feburary roundup and, inspired by her incredible trip, wrote this article for the news title.

Today Los Banos serves as an adventure guest ranch

In her piece entitled 'The last Mexican vaquero', Willis pens the life of Diego Madrid, a 70-year-old vaquero who "has spent his life working in the foothills of the Sierra Madres and know the 30,000 acres of desert savanna as if it was palm of his own hand".

Rancho Los Banos's longest-serving vaquero recounts some of his most memorable times on the ranch - from roping bulls on his saddle horn as a brave 18-year-old cowboy, to riding under the stars on 24-hour cattle round-ups. "Nowadays they wait for the sun to come up," says Diego in the article.

Learn more about the life of working vaqueros in Mexico and read the full story here.

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