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Ranch hopping for your dude ranch vacation is a great way to see more of a country, experience several different ranch cultures and keep everyone happy. It's not easy to hop from a U.S. dude ranch to one in New Zealand and then on to Mexico - so Top50 Ranches has come up with some great ideas for exploring several different dude ranches, guest ranches and working ranches located in close enough proximity that you won't be spending your whole vacation on an airplane or in a car. Try these for size...

British Columbia, Canada Hit Three Bars Ranch in Cranbrook first, which is located close to Canadian Rockies International Airport. After a stay there, fly up to Kamloops International Airport, where you can hire a car to drive a little over an hour to Tod Mountain Ranch in Heffley Creek. From there, take a picturesque 2-hour drive to Free Rein Ranch in Bridge Lake.

Wyoming Wyoming is true cowboy country! Neighbouring ranches Bitterroot Guest Ranch and Lazy L&B Ranch are so close, you could probably walk the distance between them! Hit these ranches first in any order you please, then head a north east to The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch, which is a mere four-hour drive through some stunning scenery.

The Deep South Arizona ranch White Stallion Ranch is close to Burnt Well Guest Ranch in neighbouring state New Mexico. You can even drive, these two ranches are located only 8 hours from each other, and it’s a chance to see some beautiful sights of the deep south, with a stopover or two if you choose. While you’re at the bottom of the USA, why not take a flight south to Mexico to hit Rancho Las Cascadas?

California dreaming The sunshine state is home to fantastic guest ranches Alisal Ranch and Resort and Rankin Ranch – both luxury guest ranches offering dude ranch vacations for families, couples and singles alike. And at just over a 3-hour drive apart, these two ranches are within easy reach.

Editor's pick - Colorado Colorado is one of my favorite US states, and home to many Top50 Ranches that are all located in proximity. It's easy to hit Zapata and Chico Basin ranches together, as these are sister ranches are owned by the Colorado State Land Board and managed under a unique lease by Ranchlands. After stays at these authentic working cattle ranches, drive just 3 hours north to family dude ranch Elk Mountain Ranch, and then on to North Fork Ranch, which lies just another 2-hour drive further north, and combines luxury with an authentic ranch vacation.

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