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For writer Paul H. Magid - author of Lifting the Wheel of Karma, a visit to a Top50 Ranch, was just what he needed for a revitalising experience to clear his head. Here we catch up with Paul as he tells us about his experience.

Revitalising Experience

In November 2010 I went in search of a new experience to help refresh and revitalise myself from the daily grind that I had become use to.I decided I wanted to experience ranch life and have an authentic living experience in the pristine Montana countryside.Through the Top50Ranches website I found exactly what I was looking for and it was invaluable just for that. I was able to find the type of ranch experience I was seeking and put me in touch with the people I needed to really make it happen. On contacting one of the Top50 ranches, it gave me a sense of warmth from the family running the ranch, and this was confirmed when speaking with the owners phone.I headed out to one of the Montana Top50 Ranches with the hope that the experience would cleanse me of the daily routine and help life become more enjoyable again.In spending the better part of the week in such pristine physical beauty of the Montana countryside, it truly did help to reset the Life button.As a writer I found the whole experience refreshing and inspiring. My head was clear and it filled me with wonderful creativity. In truth, everything about my stay at this Top50 Ranch was excellent and highly enjoyable. As a lone ranger myself, the hosts were extremely attentive to ensure I had a truly enjoyable time. I had not ridden much prior to going to a Top50 ranch but found that the team were extremely helpful and supportive in helping me get the most out of horseback riding.In my opinion I think everyone should book a ranch holiday, preferably at a Top50 ranch if they have the availability! You’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of the topography and landscape and find yourself refreshed and revitalised by the experience and the is a brand dedicated to showcasing some of the most breathtaking, authentic and luxurious destinations in the world and is a resource for travellers seeking authentic ranch and riding vacations. Each ranch meets established criteria of hospitality, accommodation, activities and riding standards of excellence.Top50 researches only those who are unique, authentic and who offer excellent hospitality – putting the guest first.There is a wide selection of Working ranches to help choose your ideal getaway, whether you are looking for challenge, adventure or working true cowboy style.I encourage you to visit to be inspired and find your idea of the perfect ranch holiday!

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