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Here at Lone Mountain, it’s not just about giving our guests the ranch vacation they signed on the dotted line for – the western experience they read about or heard about from a friend. It’s also about the personal touch.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we develop with our guests during their visit – and not because we feel we’re going to benefit from it, but because we truly value the friendships we make. We can honestly say that after five, 10, 20 or even 30 years, a guest becomes not just an old friend, but often a member of the family – and we look forward to their return as much as they do.

Lone Mountain is a special place for so many reasons, but one of the most unique is that so many of our guests return year after year. And who better to share incredible experiences with than lifelong friends?

Riding out to herd cattle, taking to the train on horseback, sitting around the table in the ranch house eating delicious food and sharing great conversation... Great in any respect, but priceless when it’s with your second family.

And it's not just great for us to reacquaint with familiar faces – it’s a beautiful thing to witness the annual greetings of ranch guests as they, too, reconnect with old friends over drinks in the saloon or supper in the dining room.

Just this week, guests at the ranch represented 437 seasons! Thirty-five wonderful guests that each had an average of 12 seasons under their belt. Wow!

It just goes to show that a ranch vacation at Lone Mountain isn’t just a one-time western experience to be bound into a single memory. It’s the beginning of a whole lifetime of incredible experiences; a wonderful way to meet new and interesting people whom you might never normally mix with in the ‘outside world’; a chance to form new bonds and to extend your family just like we have.

What’s left to say but a heartfelt thanks to all our guests who have become such a huge and important part of our lives – we are honored to call you friends.

Lone Mountain Guest Ranch, Montana


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