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As Tracey tells us, "We have our very own movie star horse here. Jet featured in the recently released movie Flicka 2 starring Patrick Warburton, Tammin Sursok and Clint Black. Jet was the stunt double for Flicka in the running scenes. The movie was filmed in and around the Kamloops area."

Can you ride him? Who is his best match? Jet is a very unique horse. He was trained to run, and that's what he loves best. But he is also very sensitive and soft hearted so he needs a confident, assertive rider who is also quiet, soft handed and soft hearted. Jet is still 'in training' to be a good trail horse and so is only ridden by very experienced riders. And, as we already know, Tod Mountain offers very technical rides for the experienced rider - riding over rock faces, through creeks...

Does he like attention? If you go out to the pasture with a halter, he will give you a good run for your money but if you go in 'unarmed' he is first one up looking for a rub. Once you've caught him he does have beautiful ground manners and will do whatever you ask. He has a really long mane and forelock and likes to be groomed and detangled until his black coat shines.

With his fame & fortune, is he difficult to live with? Well, Tracey tell us, "He seems very aware of his movie star status however and will pose for photographs quite happily. He can also be very playful, and just the other day removed my hat from my head whilst I was putting out the hay and he is also very helpful in taking the hay bales from the tractor at feeding time!" What are Jet's bloodlines? Jet is a registered Solid Paint whose real name is Rally Racer (very apt) and was born in Washington. His lineage is amazing and goes back to 4 AQHA Half of Famers on his Dams side including Three Bars, Depth Charge, King and Old Sorrel. On his sire's side, he has no less than 6 AQHA Hall of Famers including Three Bars, Jet Deck, Easy Jet, Black Easter Bunny, Lenas Bar and Leo. Well, with breeding lines like that, he was destined for fame!For the opportunity to meet Jet in person or experience riding him first-hand, visit Tracey at Tod Mountain in British Columbia.

And, if you're an experienced rider, not only will you have the rare fortune of riding this famous horse, but you will be able to ride in Canada's westernmost province and it's wild, untamed beauty. Tod Mountain Ranch is in the South Thompson area of the Interior. We are surrounded by mountains (Shuswap Highlands) that are densly covered with spruce and fir, with areas of birch and aspen. The journey to the ranch takes you along the Thompson River and from the highway you pass several lakes as you climb towards the ranch. On your ride... "Our riding trails take us along old logging roads and cattle trails climbing as soon as we leave the back gate. The trails to the east of the ranch take us through dense forest of spruce and fir to small clearings. At the highest point we ride to, we can see across the valley to the mountains on the west. The trails to the west of us take us on wider trails that meander around the mountain with steep drops down to the valley floor on one side and the mountain on the other. Our day trail takes us to a look out point overlooking Heffley Lake below. We are sitting at the top of the hill looking down the mountain through a clearing to the lake which is about 700m (2000ft) below us," states Tracey. What's a ride like at Tod Mountain? Out on the trail you regularly see deer (whitetail and mule), black bear and coyote. Guests have been fortunate to occassionally encounter moose and cougar. Sometimes, you also see tracks for bobcat, lynx, and wolf but have never met one on the trail. When you look up you regularly see bald eagles and hawks flying overhead. Guests love being in the forest trails. A lot of the time you can't see where the trail is going and what might be around the next corner. Going out on the trail, most guests don't realize how high they are climbing until they are on the return journey and then they realise how steep some of the trails are. (The steeper, more challenging trails are kept for experienced riders only). Perhaps the biggest surprise is how quiet and calm it all is! Are other Tod Mountain horses as fantastic as Jet? Of course! Tracey lets us know that "The majority of our horses are very responsive and will do what is asked by the rider."

Is there flexibility in a Ride? It is not unusual for Tracey to split a ride and take some of the riders on a different trail. This sometimes happens when someone starts to feel a bit sore or tired halfway through a ride, then one of the Wranglers will take those people back by a shorter route.

And, don't forget, Tracey is offering a special: Book before the end of December and receive 2010's pricing! To check out Tod Mountain, visit her at or take a gander right here at Top50.

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