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Red Horse Mountain Ranch: Behind the Scenes. Imagine the work it takes to coordinate 5000 riders of all ages in one summer season. That might seem like a challenge, but Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, makes it all look easy. Join Discover Ranches as we take a look behind the scenes to see how this ranch prepares its wranglers for riders of all ages and levels.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch is known for its all inclusive ranch vacations, including a famous kids program for ages 3 and up. While most ranches offer pre-schoolers led rides around an arena, Red Horse actually takes them on the trails. The wranglers are the key with special skill sets and enthusiasm that goes unmatched.

In addition to their riding program, the ranch offers quite a variety of activities such as zip lines, rope courses, kayaking, boat tours, yoga, climbing, biking, and much, much more.

Discover Ranches Series

Discover Ranches takes you to the heart of ranches and ranch vacations, exploring the stories behind the guardians of timeless landscapes, supporters of local communities, creators of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, producers of cattle, and cultivators of award-winning food. The new international travel series features on Discover Outdoor Life, an on-line network dedicated to the outdoor enthusiast.

The series’ first season will include the following ranches: The Ranch at Rock Creek, The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch, Brush Creek Ranch, Rowse's 1+1 Ranch, Deep Canyon Guest Ranch, Red Horse Mountain Ranch, Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa, Averill's Flathead Lake Lodge, Chico Basin Ranch, and Texas Ranch Life. and Discover Ranches was created by long-time rancher and Top50 Ranches Business owner Jody Dahl, and television producer Kerry Lambert (Food Network, Discovery Channel, The Cooking Channel, PBS).

Discover Ranches sponsors include DeBruycker Charolais Ranch, Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort, Top50 Ranches, Back in the Saddle, Ameripride, Ranch & Reata magazine, and Ubiquitas Design.

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Additional Information

  • Ranch Vacations are integral to not only our history, but to the preservation and sustainability of our land and the people around.
  • The underlying purpose of Discover Ranches Travel Series is to preserve the ranching heritage and shed light on how ranches are making greater contributions to the land and people around them.
  • Unlike some tourism products out there, your typical guest ranch is a business inextricably linked with altruism and a love of the human condition, animals, the ecosystem, community and authentic connection with the land.
  • Ranchers feel so passionately about the land on which they live and sharing that love with the visitors who join their families, that a great deal of time is dedicated and devoted to protecting the environment through constant collaboration, education and advocating sustainable practices, and supporting local communities.
  • Ranch Vacations are an education whereby many guests’ lives are forever changed. As Bill Porcher, wrangler at Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort, states ‘…many guests have said this was the most life-changing experience of their lives’.
  • As ranch vacation owner, Debbie Atha of Free Rein Guest Ranch states, ‘only with the continued patronage of our inspirational guests can we persist in in these missions to make the world a better place. Guests at a ranch are touched in some unique way that they never thought possible and are educated and motivated on a larger scale to also make an impact on the land and people around them’.

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