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Action and adventure is a sure cert at family, luxury dude ranch, C Lazy U, situated in Colorado, USA. C Lazy U is a dude ranch with all the frills to make your family vacation a trip that everyone will remember for a lifetime.

C Lazy U Kids Program Colorado Ranch

There are many reasons to visit C Lazy U, but it's their children's program that really shines. It allows time for children to explore and play, while parent's indulge in their favourite activities or just relax in stunning surroundings, combined with plenty of family time. All this is set in a beautiful location on the river; C Lazy U has an historic stone house, spa, BBQ point, ten camps, stunning accommodation, beautifully manicured yards and lawns, and much more.

The Warmest Welcome

Rainbow over C Lazy U, Colorado

On arrival, guests are welcomed at the driveway with open arms and warm friendly smiles – the Ranch literally has a concierge waiting to greet everyone, ensuring that guests know exactly what’s going or what’s on the agenda. The Ranch’s motto is ‘You’ll never hear us say no’, making anything possible at C Lazy U. The Ranch has been doing great business for many years and it shows. They really know how to make their guests feel welcome, and are dying to share the history of this luxury dude ranch and give their guests a tour.

An action-packed children's program

C Lazy U Obstacles Colorado Ranch

The perfect family dude ranch vacation, C Lazy U offers a phenomenal children’s program, where children go their separate ways in the morning and in the afternoon there’s time for all the family to get together again.

C Lazy U Kids Swing Colorado Ranch

Time to unwind

While there’s plenty of opportunity for action and adventure, those who prefer to take things a little more easy can enjoy the Ranch’s very relaxing atmosphere by visiting the pool, bar or lunch area, while enjoying fun music playing in the background. You will undoubtedly be blown away by C Lazy U’s level of hospitality, which puts you instantly at ease and you're sure to want to pay a return visit.

Learn more about C Lazy U now by calling 970.887.3344

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Soraya Abdel-Hadi

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