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One of The Hideout's biggest fan shares a day with Top 50 Ranches from her 2010 visit to this working ranch vacation spot. The Hideout Guest Ranch maintains one of the most diverse landscapes of any of the Top50 Ranches - it is a true photographer's haven.

Anne's Recount of an Amazing day at the Hideout Guest Ranch...

We had a long day yesterday, barely made it back for cocktail hour, ha, and then a scrumptious dinner and to bed. Six of us (five guests and Ramon) went up to the high country, 8200 feet, to find and gather 200 pairs, plus four bulls. We pushed them down to where we planned to gather them in today's drive. It was 66 degrees where we were and 92 back at the working ranch.Today we went up and split off the four bulls, drove them back to a separate area, and then pushed the cows and babies down through beautiful scenery to a ranger station area at 7000 feet after they were counted by Ramon and another worker, Sam, as the cows went through a gate. It was a stormy morning (first ever for us at the working ranch), so Wes didn't take his camera. We all wore our slickers and worked hard (loved every minute of it!) to make sure the cows and babies went in the direction we wanted. It was a great feeling of accomplishment. The sun came out about 30 minutes before we had a picnic and then took a scenic route back to the two trucks and huge horse trailers.Back early enough today to have a swim in the freezing pond and then a fabulous soak in the Jacuzzi, plus a beer reward.Guests this year: six Belgians in one family, six Frenchmen in another, one fellow from Victoria, BC, one person from NC, Wes and I, three Okies in one family, five Okies in other relatives of those 3. Fascinating conversations in several different languages all at once, but everyone works together just great!

Intersted in learning more about The Hideout in Wyoming? Visit their website at and visit directly with AJ.

Now, Anne, just head over that ridge there and bring back anything you can find!

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All in a day's Work at The Hideout Working Ranch in Wyoming

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Your trusted wrangler and horse trainer, Ramon

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