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Travelling solo on a ranch vacation can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Sure, family travel or travelling in groups have their perks, but travelling alone doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. On the contrary, it can be entirely fulfilling. Here’s why:

1. Do what you want, when you want Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than traveling with someone who wants to lie in until midday when you’d rather get up at the crack of dawn and saddle up for a cattle drive. Or vice versa! When you travel solo, you are in charge of your own time, and you can make your ranch vacation whatever you want it to be. At a time that suits you!

2. No fighting over the hot cowboy If there’s one thing that can divide a female friendship, it’s a fella. Avoid any arguments about who gets to ride next to the Brad Pitt lookalike on your trail ride - and get all the attention for yourself!

Brad Pitt

3. Ride at your own level Maybe you’re a novice or less confident rider, while your friends are more advanced than you and don’t think twice about asking for a faster ride? Or maybe you’re the advanced rider and want to get stuck into all-day cattle drives and learning new western riding skills, but feel bad that your friend would feel more comfortable on a shorter trail ride. When it’s just YOU to think about, that’s not something either person needs to worry about - you can make sure you ride at the level that’s right for you to maximise your time in the saddle - whether that’s learning new skills or simply boosting your confidence around horses.

4. Pick up a book Do you find you never get the time to dive into a good book? A vacation seems like the ideal opportunity, but when you’re travelling with other people who aren’t such bookworms, it can feel like you’re being a little antisocial by escaping into a thick novel. But for solo travelers, a good book is your best friend. On the plane, in the airport lounge, lounging on the porch in the afternoon, at dinnertime or at bedtime - you’ll never be lonely with a good read next to you!

5. Meet new people, make new friends The best thing about traveling alone is that you have to meet new people. There’s no sticking with your buddy, if you want company then you’re forced to make new friends. From my own experience and also listening to that of others, you can make some of your best friends when you go it alone. And what better thing to have in common than a ranching adventure?

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