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1. You know the words to all the Reba McEntire and George Strait B-sides

2. Forget the Manolo fetish – yours is all about the Tony Lamas

3. You’d rather sleep in the barn than on your brand new Tempur-pedic mattress

4. Re-grouping involves you, a horse and an open pasture

5. You turn your nose up at the flowers given to you on Valentine’s day – where’s that new headstall you’ve been hinting at?

6. You refuse to trade in your 1981 Chevy pickup for the BMW 3 Series your folks offer to buy

7. You come to the rescue of a city guy struggling with a barbed wire gate

8. Your ideal men are Dash Ta Fame and Pappy San Badger

9. You have a tan – well, a farmer’s tan at least

10. Horse sweat is your equivalent to Chanel No. 5

Stay tuned for 'You know your kid's going to be a cowboy if...'

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