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Tierra Chamahua Ecoadventures, located in Douglas, Arizona, owns and runs a generational ranch in Sonora, Mexico, Rancho Los Banos. Opening to the public as an ideal riding destination, you have opportunity to visit some of Mexico’s most untouched land. This generational family lives in the US running Ecoadventures and safely transports guests to their generational family ranch in Sonora Mexico. The great thing about this Mexican riding destination is that the family personally escorts you across the border to their 30,000 acre piece of heaven.Rancho Los Baños offers stunning landscapes, scenery and wilderness, with spectacular adventures such as hikes through wild terrain, including more than two dozen boxed canyon day hikes in our Canyonlands, multi-night treks through river and canyons, canyoneering through boxed and slot canyons, climbing and bouldering, geocaching, backcountry horseback riding through some of the most scenic, otherworldly, exotic and unspoiled land you will ever see, excellent birding and wildlife spotting, kayaking on the Bavispe River and Lake Angostura (not one boat, jetski or person on it), Dark Skies for clear stargazing, incredible geological rock formations/canyons, 2,000 year old petroglyph sites, diverse plant, animal and insect life, 4x4 jeeping and ecotours through 80 miles of wild off-road style dirt roads, mountain biking, and, of course, amazing rest and relaxation in complete peace, serenity, remoteness and tranquility.The ranch is remote and secluded, thus having habitats that are pristine and unspoiled, as well as flora and fauna that have been protected for decades. The diversity of the land and its plant life makes for an otherworldly and exotic vacation. Once here, you will not see a sign of civilization for miles. This land is a wilderness area that, were it located in the United States or Canada, would be considered a national park, with comparisons to Zion, Bryce Canyon, Big Bend and Kenya/Tanzania having been made by past guests, including opinions that the land resembles a mini Copper Canyon, though with its own unique feel/energy and otherworldly landscapes.Combined with majestic El Cajon Canyon, Cajon de la Catedral, Cajon de las Pierdras, Cajon Aguaje, El Pinito foothills and El Alamo/El Palmarito river bed system, Lake Angostura (20 miles long and completely isolated) and the spectacular Bavispe River (which unwinds dozens of miles through amazing canyon scenery), to name but a few locations, this region of northeast Sonora is poised to become a true outdoors, adventure, and nature travel destination.With so many diverse habitats, encompassing lake, river, mountain, canyon and riparian ecosystems, avid nature lovers are sure to enjoy their stay. Devoid of human activity, lights, noise, smells and of modern civilization itself, you will feel relaxed and reinvigorated as you see and feel yourself surrounded only by wilderness.

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