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There is nothing more annoying than not having enough pockets and let's face it, whether you are in or out of the saddle you never have enough space for everything you need to carry with you. So when B.i.t.s. contacted us about a high-quality bag designed for use on the ranch and out on the trails, we needed to know more. Luckily, we were offered the chance to put one through its paces and jumped at the opportunity to find out if this piece of kit was really up to ranch life.

Made in the USA

S. B. bag

The S. B. bag is handcrafted in the USA from marlboro leather and has solid nickel fastenings – we love the way it looks. It certainly trumps most of the saddlebags on the market for style and we have even used it for trips into town. The leather is lovely to touch and the stitching is solid and appears hard-wearing. Designed as a luxury unisex product, we think the S. B. bag hits the mark for both guys and gals.

Carry all the essentials

It has been designed for all those small but essential items you just can't fit in your pockets, and it hooks onto your belt or clips to D rings on the saddle. We found it particularly useful for carrying the everyday bits and pieces which have to be moved from bag to bag. As it was really easy to slip it off the belt and clip it onto the saddle there was no risk of accidentally forgetting something vital. This was really handy when changing from ranch chores to leading out a ride. We used it for a mobile phone, emergency medication, cash, lip salve, hoof pick and some baler twine, but it was suggested by a guest that it would be the right size to carry a compact camera and small sketch pad too – it seems the possibilities are endless.

S B bag

Hardy enough for ranch life?

S B bag in the saddle

Over the period of the test, the S. B. bag remained in good shape, no matter how many times it was taken out on the trail or taken for a hike in the neighbouring hills. True, it wasn't tested out in the elements overnight (a fate some of our bags have suffered) but that's because it was never accidentally left outside as it only moved from belt to sadde and back again. As with most good-quality leather products, it has only improved with time, gaining a nice, slightly beaten leather look. (We think leather products are best when worked in.) Ideal for ranch guests and wranglers alike, we can see ranches offering this bag pre-packed with essentials to those heading for the trails or regular ranch visitors investing in their own bag to ensure their camera and wallet are not mislaid during their trip.

This bag is available in black and brown and, for those who like a bit more colour in their accessories, pink and turquoise. Priced at $89.95, the S. B. bag is not the cheapest on the market but you do get what you pay for.

Visit the B.i.t.s. website to order the S. B. bag or find out more about B.i.t.s. products. Visit Top50Ranches to find the perfect ranch holiday to complement your new ranch-worthy products!

- Soraya Abdel-Hadi

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