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The secrets behind the success of White Stallion Ranch have finally been revealed after 50 years of welcoming guests wishing to experience a real dude ranch vacation. Let the story unfold...

“I can’t let you kill the cook, but I WILL buy you a ticket to Washington!”

One night in Tucson Arizona, 50 years ago, the True family (Allen, Cynthia, five-year-old Russell and baby Michael) was awakened by the gardener wielding a large knife outside their door. He informed them that he was off to: “Kill Louise the cook and then on to Washington to kill Lyndon Johnson.” No fan of Lyndon Johnson himself, Allen True hesitated just briefly and then replied, “Well, I can’t let you kill the cook, but I WILL buy you a ticket to Washington!” And so began the long and colorful history of the True Family at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

Fast-forward 50 years to find Russell and Michael running the ranch, with their wives and Russell’s sons Steven and David. Over the years, there have been numerous changes and improvements to accommodate the growing number of guests, while the variety of guest activities, comforts and conveniences increase with every passing year.

What remains the same, despite the astronomical changes in society, science, travel and technology, is the driving force behind the True family: “To provide the best possible vacation for each and every guest.” No easy feat when your guests literally come from all over the world; speak different languages, eat different foods, ride horses differently (or not at all), reside in high-rise apartments, remote country manors and suburban neighborhoods … Or is it?

Core values govern the family’s every decision, values that time and technology cannot erode: Honesty, integrity, generosity and hard work, the four points on the family compass, universally reliable and effective, applicable to every situation. Success comes in the form of satisfied guests, who return annually and entice their friends with stories about the magic of vacationing at White Stallion Ranch.

The ‘secret’ to the True family’s success comes down to good old-fashioned values and incredibly hard work. As a guest, you’ll see it, feel it, truly appreciate it and find it so refreshing and simple. No Harvard B School formulas here, just a deep commitment from the family to their guests to delivering on their promise and never taking anything for granted.

And for those of you left wondering… no, the gardener never did make it to Washington!

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