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Dude Ranch Vacations provide some of the best holiday snaps you'll ever paste in your photo album or post onto your Facebook page.

Each month we trawl through all of our dude ranches and dig out an image that best sums up what dude ranch vacations are all about. That could be the sense of reconnection with nature and family, or the team spirit felt on a cattle drive or pack trips. Or it could be relaxation - by the lake with your horse, or at a dude ranch spa.

April 2012 - Dude Ranch Vacation Photo of the Month

When we posted this image on the Top50 Facebook page, alongside the caption: "'A canter is a cure for every evil.' — Benjamin Disraeli", it got an incredible 61 'likes' within minutes of being posted! Here's what some dedicated Top50 Facebook followers had to say...

"Amazingly true!" - Lin Mckay"It always puts a smile on my face!" - Gen Hernandez"A picture is worth a thousand words :)" - Volkmar Kahle

The evocative image, taken at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Montana, USA, proved so popular it just had to be April's dude ranch vacation photo of the month.

Wish you were there? View Bonanza Creek's ranch profile at for more details.

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