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"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, In the lane, snow is glistening"...we've all heard that song, but...have any of you actually experienced a sleigh ride? Hearing about it is one thing, but living it is another! For those of you who are ready to live it - your personal winter wonderland escape - you MUST check this out.A magnificent sleigh ride - Imagine this...snow falling down around you, the smell of pure mountain air, the feeling of pure coziness whilst under a thick, warm blanket and the ability to be one with nature - Experience The Ranch at Rock Creek's fabulous Percheron team as they faithfully pull you through the majestic mountains of their beautiful ranch. You will have such great appreciation for The Ranch at Rock Creek's awesome Percheron team. Trust us when we tell you that a memory of riding in a horse-drawn sleigh is not one you could ever explain or fullly grasp until you've experienced it for yourself.Contact The Ranch at Rock Creek today and book your stay - with spring right around the corner, the snow won't be around much longer and you will certainly want to soak yourself in this authentic experience.

The Majestic Team at The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana -

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