Recreational ranch activities - your at-a-glance guide

BY Jody Dahl | Wed 18 Apr, 2012

Dude ranch vacations are the ultimate way to enjoy a whole host of recreational activities. And it's not just about the horseback riding! In fact, many of our Top50 dude ranches, guest ranches and working ranches are great places to relax and unwind without even going near a horse.

Of course, if horseback riding is your go-to stress reliever then you'll find trail rides, pack trips, horsemanship clinics, horse treks and cattle drives aplenty...

Best ranches for...

 Action-packed cattle drives - Zapata Ranch, Beaumont High Country Experience, Burnt Well Guest Ranch, Lazy E-L Ranch, The Hideout Guest Ranch, Chico Basin Ranch

Pack trips - Estancia Ranquilco, Snowy River Horseback Adventure, Estancia Huechahue, Latigo Ranch

Wilderness horse treks - Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Brush Creek Ranch, Siwash Lake Ranch, Estancia Ranquilco

Horsemanship clinics - The Hideout Guest Ranch, Three Bars Ranch, Zapata Ranch, Chico Basin Ranch, McGinnis Meadows

Rodeos - Averill's Flathead Lake Lodge, Brush Creek Ranch, Lone Mountain Ranch

Cattle work in the arena - Bar W Guest Ranch, Bonanza Creek Ranch, McGinnis Meadows, Rowse's 1+1 Ranch, Sweet Grass Ranch

Appealing to non-riders, these ranches offer some equally enjoyable ways to spend your time on dude ranch vacation...

Best ranches for...

 Water sports - Averill's Flathead Lake Lodge, Siwash Lake Ranch, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Majestic Dude Ranch, The Resort at Paws Up

Fly fishing and angling - North Fork Ranch, Triple Creek Ranch, The Ranch at Rock Creek, C Lazy U Ranch, Siwash Lake Ranch, Averill's Flathead Lake Lodge

Golf - C Lazy U Ranch, Rancho de los Caballeros, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, Lone Mountain Ranch, Ranch at Rock Creek, Three Bars Ranch

Spas - Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, The Resort at Paws Up, The Ranch at Rock Creek, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Rancho de los Caballeros

Children's activities and supervized children's programs - Red Horse Mountain Ranch, The Resort at Paws Up, Alisal Ranch, Lone Mountain Ranch, Elk Mountain Ranch, Sugar and Spice Ranch, Majestic Dude Ranch, C Lazy U Ranch, The Ranch at Rock Creek, Siwash Lake Ranch, Three Bars Ranch, Vista Verde Ranch

Wine tasting vacations - Estancia Los Potreros, Vista Verde Ranch

Cooking classes - Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, Lazy E-L Ranch, Triple Creek Ranch

Local/historical attractions - Lone Mountain Ranch, Tod Mountain Ranch, Bonanza Creek Ranch, Latigo Ranch, Rancho Las Cascadas

Yoga - Brush Creek Ranch, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, Lone Mountain Ranch, The Resort at Paws Up, Vista Verde Ranch

Adventure sports - Rancho Los Banos, Majestic Dude Ranch, Beaumont High Country Experience, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Mountain biking - Majestic Dude Ranch, Tod Mountain Ranch, Lone Mountain Ranch

Wildlife/Safari tours - Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Siwash Lake Ranch, Zapata Ranch, The Hideout Guest Ranch, Badger Creek Ranch, Brush Creek Ranch, Triple Creek Ranch, Snowy River Horseback Adventure


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