We invite you to visit us, the Georges, at Latigo Ranch! Having owned the ranch for 30 years and raising our family here, we possess a true passion for this lifestyle. We are very hands-on owners, participating in the activities, doing the cooking, teaching horsemanship or flyfishing and getting to know our guests personally. We love what we do and where we are; sharing this with you is our passion.

The moment you arrive you begin to realize why Latigo was selected by Colorado’s Best as “Colorado’s Best Dude Ranch”. Weekly, without exception, Latigo guests ask us where we get such respectful and incredible staff.

Each guest raves about the quality of our horses and the thoroughness of our horse program. Whether in the arena or on the trail we place emphasis on improving your riding skills.

There are so many interesting things to learn and we enjoy sharing information with you about all of it - vegetaion, wildlife, geology and history, your horse, riding, archaeology and more. You'll find that the real reason, however, people come back each year is the opportunity to be together as a family.We enjoy serving people and want to make sure you have the vacation of a lifetime. Our goal is to develop friendships, not just customers.



Good to know

  • Works with travel agents?

  • Belongs to

    Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association, Dude Ranchers Association, Colorado CrossCountry Ski Association, Cross Country Ski Areas of America
  • Good time to go

    Early June, late August and September are quiet, lovely times of year with great temperatures. Wild flowers are out in June and in September the trees are changing. July and August have more folks, more flowers and beautiful temps.


  • Owner(s)

    Randy & Lisa George
  • Address

    P.O. Box 237, Kremmling, Colorado, USA, 80459
  • Tel

    970-724-9008; 800-227-9655
  • Capacity

  • Open

    Jan-Mar, Jun-Sep, Dec - view details
  • Nightly rate

    $421-580 - view details
  • Ranch Type

    Dude Ranch
  • Great for

    Action & adventure, Peace & quiet, Pampering, Solitude, Diverse scenery, Kids - all ages

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  • Offers guests a genuine and relaxing experience with horses and nature
  • Scenic overnight pack trips across the continental divide – it's a long ride, but the experience of riding and camping with owner Jim Yost is exceptional. No frills, just fulfilling and fun
  • There's an emphasis on improving your riding skills, a first-time rider can learn to lope within the weeA
  • An outstanding children's program and fantastic hosts who are serious about providing a quality experience
  • There are 24 people on-staff to serve 30-35 guests. Latigo is serious about hospitality, all wranglers are bright and personable, they know horses well and their people skills are impressive, too


  • Smaller numbers of cattle to work, however there are certainly excellent cattle working opportunities in a natural environment
  • All cabins are a small walk up hill, but nothing too strenuous

Summer Season Rates & Booking

  • Open

  • Nightly rate

    $421-580   view details on lodging rates
  • Nightly rate (children)

  • Minimum stay

    3 days
  • Preferred arrival day

  • Preferred depart day

  • Booking Policy

  • A deposit of 25% is required to confirm your reservation. Cancellations made before 45 days of scheduled arrival will result in a refund of the deposit less a $75 cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 45 days of scheduled arrival will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit unless we can fill the vacated space. If we can fill the vacated space with some other guest, then the deposit will be refunded, less the $75 fee.
  • Included in your stay

  • meals, activities, lodging, tax, gratuity, Riding, overnight packtrip, river rafting, riding lessons and flyfishing instruction, shooting sports, guided hikes and ecology walks, cookouts, dances, covered wagon rides
  • Extras

  • Massage

    by prior appointment

Winter Season Rates & Booking  

  • Open

    Jan-Mar, Dec
  • Nightly rate

    $190-190   view details on lodging rates
  • Nightly rate (children)

  • Minimum stay

    No minimum stay
  • Preferred arrival day

    Any day is fine
  • Preferred depart day

    Any day is fine
  • Booking Policy

  • A deposit of 25% is required to confirm your reservation. Cancellations made before 45 days of scheduled arrival will result in a refund of the deposit less a $75 cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 45 days of scheduled arrival will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit unless we can fill the vacated space. If we can fill the vacated space with some other guest, then the deposit will be refunded, less the $75 fee.
  • Included FREE in your stay

  • meals, activities, lodging, tax, gratuity, Nordic ski lessons, tubing hill, use of 60km Nordic Ski Trails
  • Extras

  • Other

    Day Pass $20; ski rentals $17 per day, snowshoe rentals $15, bulk rental $15

Environmental & Social Practices

  • Environment

  • We recycle and use the environmental signs for washing linen only upon request.

  • Community

  • We belong to the Chamber of Commerce of a small town of about 1200. Latigo supports town needs (eg. a young mother in a coma with a brain tumor, a young boy with a serious motorcycle accident, etc.) by attending their fund raisers as well as donating auction dinners at Latigo Ranch.

  • Conservation

  • We take out an overnight pack trip each week and educate our guests regarding using the forest (eg. it is our practice once we take people to an overnight location not to use it again for a year or two and to leave the camping spot so that no one could tell 30 people had been there).


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Avg Temp (°F):


Avg Rainfall (in):


  • Elevation

    9000 ft.
  • Remote Location


Nearest Airports

  • Denver International, Denver, CO

  • Nearest town / city

    Denver, CO
  • Distance to ranch

    145 miles
  • Time to ranch

    2 hours 45 mins
  • Airlines

    Delta, United, Skywest, Northwest, Alaska, United Express
  • Ranch shuttle

    Shuttle service to Kremmling where we pick you up
  • Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Springs

  • Nearest town / city

    Steamboat Springs
  • Distance to ranch

    65 miles
  • Time to ranch

    1 hour 45 mins
  • Rental car


Private Air travel

  • Nearest town / city

    Kremmling, Colorado
  • Travel by

  • Distance to ranch

    17 miles

Nearest Town / City

  • Kremmling

  • Population

  • Distance

    17 miles
  • Time from ranch

    30 mins
  • Facilities

    grocery store, pharmacy, church, school, post office, medical clinic, hospital, bank, atm, gas station, museum
  • Shopping

    small hometown necessity shops, western wear
  • Ranch shuttle


Our riding stands out

  • Trails are so numerous (over 200 miles) there is no need for a guest to ever repeat a trail
  • We sit at 9000 feet so the views will rattle your spurs
  • We teach basic principles of riding and horsemanship on the trail - as well as teaching trotting and loping skills in a natural environment

Our horses

  • guest horses

  • horse types

    Quarterhorse, Appaloosas, Draft, Draft Cross, Paints, Arabians, Geldings, Mares

Our Riding

  • Scheduled rides

    Morning Rides - 9am; Afternoon Rides - 2pm. Each morning, we ask each guest which type of ride they'd like to go on. We encourage guests to have as much say as possible within the rides we offer.
  • Guided rides

    We offer fully guided rides with full opportunity for all types of riding. In some of the mountainous areas, we have trails that need to be followed, however, with our terrain, you also enjoy full opportunity to ride openly.
  • Program rides

    On specified days and times, we offer an evening ride, sunset ride, overnight pack trips, and sunrise ride.

Good to know

  • Riding considerations

    225-250 lbs, MUST be able to post a trot, no riding experience needed, We recommend a good level of physical fitness, We consider height and athletic ability as well as a guest's weight
  • Saddles



  • Type of riding

    Western Riding
  • Riding opportunities for

    Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced
  • Most riders are

  • Rides are grouped by

    Age, Ability, Pace of Ride, Rides tailored to guest requests, Rides dictated by ranch work, Families Ride Together
  • We offer the following rides: walk only; walk trot; walk work on trot; trot work on lope; walk trot lope. Ages 6-8 ride together; ages 8-13 ride together. A family has many opportunities to ride together throughout the week.
  • Max riders per ride

  • Wranglers per ride

  • Pace of ride

    Walk, Trot, Lope
  • The first morning is a walk only ride whereby we assess skills. Once we have assessed rider's abilities, we offer individually for guests to work on their trotting/loping skills while on the trail. We do a lot of game playing on the trail, which is a great way to work on your skills while having fun.

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You'll enjoy

  • hours in the Saddle

    Morning - 3 hours, Afternoon - 3 hours, Evening - 1 hour
  • Hours in the saddle are estimations and can vary. We also offer all day rides with packed lunches.
  • Riding

    Openly through property, On specified trails

Riding Lessons

  • Details

    lessons come with package, basic riding lessons, advanced horsemanship lessons
  • Lessons given by

    wrangler, ranch owner or manager
  • Lessons located

    on the trail, in the arena
  • Most of the riding lessons are conducted on the trail in a natural environment. However, if a guest wants or needs special attention in a restricted environment, we will head to the arena.

Cattle work - pasture gathers

  • When

    Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
  • Frequency

  • No. of cow/calf pairs

  • Interaction

    Guests participate
  • In september we spend a week helping our neighbors gather hundreds of cattle from the summer pastures, moving them down to winter holdings. We limit the number of guests helping at this to 14, and they must be experienced riders capable of riding independently. A couple times a week, guests have the opportunity to interact with cattle in the pasture by moving them to different pastures, riding herd to perform health checks, do a count, and, if there are any seen problems, we bring the animal into the corral for doctoring. Friday morning, guests who are interested head out to the pasture and sort the cattle in the pasture. Guests and wranglers hold herd while individually, each guest has the opportunity to sort a designated animal out of the herd, practicing his/her skills in maneuvering and controlling the horse.

Pack Trips

  • Details

    part of ranch experience, overnight trips, day trips, remote
  • Extras

    Each Wednesday morning Jim Yost leads guests by horseback into the mountains for an overnight pack trip. We head out at 9am and travel into the mountains on a scenic ride, with lunch on the trail, to our overnight camping spot where we arrive late in the afternoon. Upon arrival, each family or individual sets up his or her own tent. We have 30 different sites in which we rotate through, so guests rarely stay at the same site twice(except for those who have been coming for years!). Jim personally prepares a tantalizing dinner for each of the guests. And, believe us, if you've ever eaten a meal in the wilderness, something about preparing it outdoors makes it one of the best, most memorable meals you could eat. Horse are kept in an overnight portable, electric solar powered fence. Out of respect for the land, when we leave, our goal is to leave minimal impact on the land. Even to the point that Jim replaces the sod from his firepit to restore to its exact previous condition. Guests enjoy breakfast of scrambled eggs or omelette, sausage, pancakes, or hashbrowns with steak. We head back out on the trail for home and make sure we're home for homemade pizza hand-created in our Latigo kitchen by Randy and Lisa George! We provide everything: sleeping bags, pillows, foam pads, flashlights. Guests only need to worry about bringing a coat(we supply rain coats) and a change of socks. We also offer a pack trip for the wee ones age 6-8. For this overnighter kids enjoy staying in camps already set up with permanent teepees. Depending upon the age and attention span of the children, we generally leave after lunch and get to camp by 4 or 5.

Arena Work

  • Type

    outdoor arena, professional rodeo arena
  • Activities

    penning, sorting, cutting
  • Once we are done sorting the animals(from our Friday ride in the pasture - please see "cattle work"), we gather a number of the cattle and drive them into the arena. In the afternoon, we work these cattle in the arena and do some team penning.

Horsemanship Clinic

  • Clinician

    Jim Yost
  • Details

    Clinics occur weekly, Included in package, Clinics occur in the arena
  • Focuses on

    Sunday night's orientation talks about the basics of horsemanship. Then on Monday morning Jim offers a horsemanship clinic in which guests can participate. Depending upon the week, Jim may be working with a young horse, tuning up a guest horse, or even working a mustang. The clinic generally lasts about an hour long. It covers basic horsemanship, various aspects in regard to horse behavior (as that is key to horsemanship), and how to relate to a horse by understanding its behavior and instincts. Guests are welcome to get directly involved. Jim also covers riding and horsemanship aspects from catching a horse to riding it at a lope. Throughout the week you can work work on various principles learned in the clinic while on the trail. The wranglers are always ready to assist.

Sample Riding Itinerary

  • Our itinerary differs every day but I'll pick Wednesday!

    Those going on the overnight pack trip make a sack lunch and leave the ranch by 10am.

    Those not going on the pack trip have an all day ride option and leave at 9:15am while the regular morning and afternoon riders go out at 9am and 2pm as usual. 

    Before and after rides, it is not unusual to see people fishing or swimming.

    In the evening we teach cowboy skills like roping, bull whip use and tomahawk throwing.


  • Private Land - 250-1000 (acres)

  • We have 550 acres of private beauty and are located at 9000 feet surrounded by vast spruce forests, sprawling aspen groves, sagebrush, lush high meadows and crystalline streams and beaver ponds. With plenty of diversity in our landscape, we provide a perfect location for photography tours, weddings, riding, and just in soaking in the natural beauty. We are surrounded by National Forest on three sides and bordered by a cliff and waterfall on the fourth.
  • Public Land - 20,000-40,000 (acres)

  • We have access to over 200 miles of accessible trails within 40,000 acres of the Arapaho National Forest, located in the Rocky Mountains, straddling the continental divide in the Front Range west of Denver. It was established on July 1, 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt and named for the Arapaho tribe of Native Americans which previously inhabited the Colorado Eastern Plains. The forest includes part of the high Rockies and river valleys in the upper watershed of the Colorado River.

We want to provide a healthy variety of top quality food. To that end we make all our own salads and dressings, breads and baked goods and desserts. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a choice of red or white meat each day.

And, our kitchen has earned a superb reputation. For breakfast, you can select offerings like fruits, berries, baked goods and cereals, or hearty offerings from the grill like pancakes, Belgian waffles, omelets, meats, French toast or the Latigo Vaquero Burrito.

Lunches offer fixin’s for sandwiches with a wide selection of meats and cheeses, soup, pizza, pasta, chicken tenders, fish sticks, or burritos and a generous salad bar. Dinners are the highlight. Bison, pork, poultry and fish often grace the evening menu. Each is accompanied by appealing vegetables, salads and desserts.

Kids have their favorite options available to them. And, even the cookouts will stagger you with plenty of options!

Personalized services

Guests can request specific soda/non-alcoholic drinks

Good to know


BYOB, available for purchase


BYO snack


  • Enjoy

    Ranch-style, Health oriented
  • Meals served

    family style, buffet style, everyone eats together, children dine separately, scheduled meals
  • Enjoy dining in

    nature settings, dining room (casual attire)
  • You'll definitely love

    fresh daily bread, fresh daily desserts
  • Dietary restrictions catered for include

    lactose intolerant, vegetarians, other

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Guest Favorites

  • Thanksgiving dinner complete with dressing and sweet potatoes, followed by a fabulous ice cream sundae bar
  • The steak fry - or grilled swordfish, with watermelon, potato salad, asparagus salad, sweet potato muffins, and peanut butter pie
  • Homemade caramel corn in each room!

Your Chef

  • Your dedicated chef is Randy and Lisa George

  • Randy and Lisa George, while not "chefs" are our chefs. As part owners of Latigo, we take the utmost care in preparing fabulous meals that will make any mouth water.

    With Randy's chemical engineering degree and Lisa's English degree, how could we go wrong! We serve up ranch traditional fare to, at times, borderline gourmet. Knowing that the owners are behind the kitchen, you cerntainly are assured that care is taken in every aspect of your stay.

    Randy and Lisa have developed a terrific menu. At breakfast you can expect a full menu to order from which to order or you can enjoy homemade granola, baked goods and yogurt. At lunch, they'll cook up barbecued chicken as well as have a full sandwich and salad bar so you have plenty of options.

    Kids aren't keen on any of the above options? No worries! Randy and Lisa will fine-tune your stay right down to the child's requests - how about good 'ol mac and cheese or Latigo's special peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

    Randy and Lisa are detail-oriented and take great pride in bringing you the very best.

Sample Menu


    Fresh kiwi spinach salad, home-made wheat bread, prime rib or baked salmon, couscus with pine nuts, green beans with roasted almonds.


    Toffee-ice cream pie

Ranch Recipe

    Recipe for Spinach Balls

    36 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed, drained
    6 eggs
    3 cups fine bread crumbs
    1 cup diced onion
    3/4 cup parmesan cheese
    3/4 tsp thyme
    1 1/2 tso salt
    3/4 tsp pepper
    3/4 tsp garlic powder
    1 cup melted butter

    Mix all together, chill, shape into balls, and bake. Unbaked, these freeze really well. This recipe should serve 20 people.

    Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

Children at the Ranch

Great for children aged 3 and over

Children beginning at age six are in a full riding program and go riding twice a day as do the adults.

We also offer shooting skills, roping, bullwhip cracking, tomahawk throwing, archery, golf, swimming, overnight trips, breakfast rides, sunset wagon ride and steak fry, square dancing (that kids always really enjoy once they get over the "dance" idea), fishing (we teach fly fishing), river rafting, cattle roundups and team penning. Your child has a counselor they may ride with or you may wish to do a family ride!

Our counselors take turns enjoying being the children's counselor and teaching them skills.  Almost weekly, several children cry because they have to leave the ranch and "their" horse.

Believe us, children never say, "I'm bored!"

Detailed Activities

  • Arts & Crafts

    play-doh, coloring, sketching, collecting plants, rocks, making paper crafts
  • Activities

    fishing, hayrides, kids sheriff's office, Ute Scouts-kids camp out
  • Games

    scavenger/treasure hunts, board games, horseshoes, volleyball, pool table
  • Riding based activities

    animal care, horse care, pony rides, arena riding, trail riding,team penning and sorting


  • Available for children age

    0 to 2
  • Provided by

    Latigo staff
  • Hourly prices from


F. J. Kasdorf was the original homesteader of Latigo Ranch as a dude ranch. Kasdorf, his wife Eva, and infant daughter moved to the Kremmling area from Denver by covered wagon in 1923. From this homestead, he and his family moved to a new location a few miles away, where he built up and ran the Snowshoe Dude Ranch for 30 years. Single handedly he built the main log lodge at Snowshoe (now Latigo Ranch).

By 1955 the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association lists the Snowshoe Ranch as having accommodations for 25 guests. Kasdorf boasted that he had a modern log ranch house and lodge with a beautiful two hundred mile view at a rate of $75/week. In 1959 Kasdorf sold the Dude Ranch portion of his holdings west of Kremmling.

The ranch went through the hands of different owners. In 1977 David Wasserstrom from Pennsylvania purchased the ranch. Wasserstrom, an attorney from Philadelphia, made many improvements to the ranch beginning with changing the name to Latigo - "El latigo", a leather strap on a saddle near the cinch.

The Randy and Lisa George bought the ranch in 1987 in partnership with Jim and Kathie Yost. The Yosts retired at the end of 2016. The Georges live at the ranch year round and operate Latigo as a nordic center in the winter and dude ranch in the summer. Please contact us for an even more in-depth look into Latigo's history.


  • Ranch established

  • Guest ranch since


Our Staff

  • Genuine interest in serving people
  • A heart for people
  • High personal integrity.
  • We have 10 wranglers on our staff, aged 18 to 65

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Jim and Randy
Summer 2010

Owner Info

  • Owner - Randy & Lisa George

  • Purchased ranch in

  • Languages spoken

  • The George Family:

    Randy George - I came to Colorado from the east coast for college and immediately fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. After studying engineering and then business, I worked in several different states for a few years but longed to return to Colorado. My opportunity came with a management position for a small ski area, and I’ve never moved away from the mountains since then. A few years later, while teaching business and economics for a small college in the Denver area, I moved into the role as manager of a larger guest ranch about 40 miles east of Latigo. While there, I met and worked with the delightful woman who would later become my wife. Serving dude ranch guests has been my life’s work for 37 years.

    Lisa George - Randy and I met at the C Lazy U guest ranch in Granby, CO in 1982. He had just been hired as the General Manager, and I was working there during my summers off from Michigan State University. Once finished with school, I taught English for a number of years. As a chemical engineer by training, Randy worked at a variety of engineering jobs. Jim and Randy had known each other in graduate school and later worked together at another dude ranch where they decided to join forces in buying Latigo.  Four months after they signed the papers on Latigo, Randy and I  tied-the-knot in 1987. Over the years, my teaching degree came in handy as I home-schooled our children(and now they are all very skilled writers with two of them even writing novels).

    Our work at another guest ranch offered us a good foundation in guest service and a great eye for what makes guest ranch vacations special. Some of our favorite standard recipes are ones that were given to Randy by the head chef upon his leaving to create our own journey at Latigo.

    From day one, Randy has been in charge of the kitchen here, and once our three children were old enough to participate in our ranch program, I joined him in the food preparation.It is extra special for us that two of our kids, Spencer and Hannah, joined us in cooking each day. What a thrill to be able to work together full time. Our oldest son, David, is married now and makes his livelihood training horses for clients in Colorado, Michigan, and Illinois. Not only did he become the skilled horseman that he is through his work here at the ranch, but he also met his wonderful wife when she worked in Latigo’s kitchen.

    With the retirement of our long time partners, Jim and Kathie Yost, Randy and I are assuming many more tasks beyond foodservice, while Hannah and Spencer, along with his wife Amanda, are advancing the cullinary arts for Latigo. 

    Although some of the previous training in our lives before Latigo seems non-applicable to the jobs we’re doing now, we joke about the fact that Randy’s chemical engineering degree is what makes him such a great chef. I do use my English degree, however, when I encourage our staff to use correct pronouns and to avoid saying on the radios for all to hear, “Where are you at?” I do believe many of our staff had never before heard that it was improper to end a sentence with a preposition.

    Regardless of our backgrounds, Randy and I feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to raise our family and work together in this wonderful environment. We have no trouble counting our blessings each day.

    Spencer & Amanda - Spencer grew up at Latigo Ranch and has worked here in numerous capacities over the years. He has a deep love for Colorado, the mountains, and the family business. For the past seven years, he has been one of the ranch's chefs and has taken the cuisine to a gourmet level. He derives great pleasure from the creative challenge of cooking, both as a form of technical and artistic achievement and also as a way to serve others. His hobbies are numerous and varied: photography, videography, woodworking, leatherworking, saddle-making, and metal work all vie for his free time.

    Amanda's earliest memories are of the high mountain deserts of Nevada, so arriving at Latigo felt like coming home during her first summer in 2014. One of her chief joys is the written word, and she has been writing novels of various genres since the age of seven. She was published as a teen, and writing is still one of her passions. She loves genealogy, baking, glassblowing, bookbinding, and calligraphy. She loves serving, and has been the dining room manager for three years; she also acts as the beverage manager and runs all the ranch social media accounts.

     They were married in November 2016.

    Hannah George - Latigo has been my home for the entire 24 years of my life. I grew up running through the woods with my two older brothers, riding, swimming, training mustangs, and enjoying every benefit life at Latigo has to offer growing kids during the summer; in the winter, it was skiing, sledding, and school. In 2013 I got my Liberal Arts BA in English and Psychology, primarily through distance learning. I have a deep love of reading and writing, and I started penning novels when I was thirteen. Latigo fosters creativity and inspiration like no other place on earth. I hope to seek publication in the next few years.

    My other hobbies include digital art, painting, drawing, photography, laying ceramic tile, sewing, quilting, and the occasional bit of needlework. I started helping in the Latigo kitchen when I was small enough to sit in the sink while doing dishes, but I’ve been cooking professionally for the ranch since I was sixteen.

    My life is filled with beautiful stories, wonderful family, and some of the best food in the world. I couldn’t ask for more!

Rooms & Rates

  • Room type | nameSummer ratesWinter rates

  • Cabin | One Bedroom Cabins$0n/a

    • Description

      2 one bedroom cabins each with a queen bed, fireplace, full bath and sitting area with a small fridge and hot drink maker. These are ideal for couples. Enjoy the comforts of electric heat and relaxing porches to take in our surroundings.
    • Rooms

    • Max occupancy

    • Prices listed are

      per person
    • Minimum stay

      3 nights
    • Bathrooms

      Private bathroom
    • Amenities

      fridge, hair dryer, seating area, wood fireplace
  • Cabin | One Bedroom Cabins with Sitting Area$0n/a

    • Description

      2 one bedroom cabins each with a queen bed, fireplace, full bath and sitting area with a small fridge and hot drink maker. Enjoy a separate room (the sitting area) with a pull out bed for families with one small child. Enjoy the comforts of electric heat and relaxing porches to rest while soaking in our natural surroundings.
    • Rooms

    • Max occupancy

    • Prices listed are

      per person
    • Minimum stay

      no minimum
    • Bathrooms

      Private bathroom
    • Amenities

      fridge, seating area, wood fireplace
  • Cabin | Large 3 Bedroom Cabins$0n/a

    • Description

      6 cabins with large 3 bedroom units. Each has a queen bed in the master bedroom as well as a vanity. A second bedroom has a double bed. The third bedroom has either a double bed or a set of bunk beds. Each cabin has a nice sitting area with a wood burning stove. All of Latigo's cabins have electric heat and relaxing porches with a sitting area.
    • Rooms

    • Max occupancy

    • Prices listed are

      per person
    • Minimum stay

      no minimum
    • Bathrooms

      Private bathroom, Shared bathroom
    • Amenities

      fridge, seating area, wood fireplace



  • wireless internet
  • telephone
  • Business Services

    • computer and fax hookups
    • printers
    • common computer
    • Cell Networks

      • verizon
      • most work; networks limited when riding

Additional Services

  • Corporate Retreats

    For groups of 40-50. Generally taking place during our winter season where you can meet half the day and ski the rest! Accommodations for 30. Meeting room for 75.



  • General store for hats, shirts, sweats, memorabelia, basic toiletries, batteries, artificial flies for fishing,

Outdoor Activities

  • mountain biking
  • sporting clays
  • campouts
  • wagon rides
  • bird watching
  • rifle shooting, hourse drawn covered wagon, country dancing, waterfalls, archery golf, western roping, nature/guided walks

Water based Activities

  • outdoor pool
  • hot tub
  • river floating
  • Winter Activities  

    • cross-country skiing
    • snowshoeing
    • tubing, sledding

Good to know

  • You can borrow

    Cowboy hats, Cowboy boots, Riding helmets, Saddle bags, Rain coats

Fishing & Wildlife

  • Fishing

  • Types of fishing

    fly, river, stocked pond, lake, stream, equipment available, guided non-inclusive, unguided, instruction available, BYO equipment
  • high mountain streams and ponds, nearby reservoirs, near Colorado and Blue Rivers

  • Wildlife and birding

  • elk, deer, moose, fox, coyotes, rabbits, marmots, eagles, hawks, beaver, weasels, geese, ducks, sand hill cranes, osprey, squirrels, pine martens, numerous bird species, antelope

Offsite Activities

  • river rafting on Colorado River (45 min away) - car needed, but guests often carpool

    wildlife watching in Rocky Mountain National Park  (1 1/2 hr away) - car needed

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Tel 970-724-9008; 800-227-9655

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