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Echo Valley Spa promotes clarity of mind and body at Echo Valley Ranch and Spa

Echo Valley Spa promotes clarity of mind and body
Echo Valley Ranch and Spa Oct 11 2012

The sun emerges over the Marble Mountains to shine over vast green open meadows where horses roam and eagles fly overhead. At the Baan Thai, a marvel of Asian architecture, early morning yoga and stretching classes lure guests from their cabins. A choice of several sensuous massages lies ahead. At Echo Valley Ranch and Spa, a member of Destination Spa Group, clarity of mind and body is just the start of another new day.

Echo Valley was recently recognized by TripAdvisor as the third best travel destination in all of Canada in 2011, topping virtually every other hotel, spa, resort or tourism property in the entire country. It was also top rated in the spa category. The fusion of Western and Eastern influences is the most distinguishing feature of Echo Valley, the only luxury spa with this service combination anywhere in the world.

The ranch and spa caters to individuals, groups and meetings whose focus is on health, spirit, mind and body. Set in the dazzling wilderness of the Cariboo region of British Columbia, the air is so fresh you can taste it. Pure mountain spring water runs free, fresh produce and fruit is grown right on the property, and the surrounding canyons, forest and lakes abound with wildlife. Any stay at Echo Valley is sure to result in a more relaxed, productive and energized state of mind and body.

The Baan Thai lodge and spacious Sabai Sabai spa suite are a showcase of traditional Thai architecture with furnished treatment beds, a mountain-mist herbal steam bath and jet shower, Thai silks and teak carvings. The air is aromatic with specially blended oils, herbs and spices. The Ob Samunplai I-Nuam Thai Herbal Steam Bath combines heat, steam and freshly distilled herbal tinctures to cleanse the skin, stimulate circulation, increase hydration, improve respiration and enhance overall well being.

An ancient and distinctly Thai practice, Three-Step meditation invites Echo Valley spa guests to reach a meditative state by following a simple routine. The combination of Ruesri Dat Ton yoga, self-stretching exercises and Three Step Meditation - offered at no cost every morning in the Baan Thai Lodge - is suitable for practice both by beginners and more advanced practitioners alike.

Echo Valley Spa offers an exquisite blend of classic European services in its Western-style Cariboo Spa. Reviews posted on TripAdvisor attest that the spa facilities are equally matched by the warm ambience of the lodge, ranch activities, exquisite setting, staff attention to detail, fine food and gracious service, making Echo Valley Ranch and Spa one of the top luxury wilderness resorts in the world today.

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