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Visitor aged 57
North Carolina

Please provide one interesting tidbit about the ranch owners or staff...

At the end of the week the Dude Ranch has a rodeo for all the guest and their family's . Doug Averill rode up to my 31/2 year old soon who really liked Doug and put him on his horse and rode him around the ring once. Doug is great with children and that was a highlight for my son.

What makes this riding program stand out...

The ranch hands are very knowledgeable and get o know their guest and riding abilities. My children were too small for the riding lessons, they rode with us , they loved it.

What about this ranch brings guests back...

The food is 5 star, the ranch has a open house policy to the kitchen. They will pack you a bag lunch if you want to pend the day up at Glacier National Park, bake you a cake if its someone's birthday .

Another bit of information you'd like Top50 to know...

My Family took a vacation there 26 years ago and we have traveled all over the United States with our children, and it was by far the best vacation we have ever had. The kids re gown up but we are thinking about coming back .

Would you return...

Couldn't ask for better food, horse back riding, fun guest that you really get to know over the week that you are there, fantastic hosts, more than enough things to do, great cabins. Great ranch hands,just a lot of fun without having to plan ahead wht you are going to do, it's all right there.

Would you recommend this ranch to others...

Yes, I wouldn't go anywhere else, best Dude Ranch EVER!




Family Oriented

Adult Oriented

Western Hospitality

Cattle Work

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