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Visitor aged 20

Please provide one interesting tidbit about the ranch owners or staff...

Lynn and Struan are truly dedicated to make your stay special. I only had time for a one- nights stay, unfortunately, but I felt at home right away. Lynn took me out riding for the whole afternoon, and then made a lovely meal for the family and I afterwards. When you come to Beaumont, -you are a part of the family.

What makes this riding program stand out...

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Like nowhere else, and my favorite area on New Zealand. You are also riding in a varied terrain, with ups and downs, so it can never become boring. I didn't get a chance to do any mustering, but I am sure, that it would have been a lot of fun and an exciting experience! With Lynn's knowledge, and the chance to see the dogs in action, - could it be better? This is an ultimate ranch destination, on the opposite side of the world.

What about this ranch brings guests back...

The scenery, the peaceful atmosphere, the family and the freedom of making your own itinerary.

Another bit of information you'd like Top50 to know...

The perfect ending to a day spent in the saddle is to wind down with a good hearty meal, a glass of wine, and a visit to the jacuzzi. You get all these things at Beaumont.

Would you return...

I would, definitely! What a beautiful place.

Would you recommend this ranch to others...

I will recommend anyone who goes to New Zealand to stop by, take a look, and at least spend a couple of days.



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