Australia Horseback Riding Holidays

Australian horse treks and Australian horse riding holidays allow you to feel like The Man from Snowy River. Lope through crystal clear streams, climb high peaks, wind through forests and travel through bush used by brumbies(wild horses) during your horseback riding holiday at an Australia working station.

Where should you visit on your travels in Australia? Well, Australia’s biggest attraction is its natural beauty and vastness, making it ideal for your next horseback riding holiday and horse trek. But if you can, it's worth visiting some other attractions while on your holidays in Australia.

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There is nothing more unique than a vacation spent horseback riding in Australia. The reason behind this is that the scenery in Australia is beautiful and many people want to take in the natural beauty by way of horseback. Australian horseback riding holidays are geared toward people of all ages and of all experience levels when it comes to being on horseback.

Top50 offers a vacation package through Snowy River Horseback Adventure, which is located in New South Wales, Australia. This is an adventure package that will allow for guided horseback adventures that will typically last from two to five days. Along this guided tour you will find yourself in picturesque scene that involves clear water streams, ranges, valleys and beautiful mountains. Also for you to experience is wildlife that you typically would not see such as kangaroos, wallabies, deer and birds.

These guided horse treks are offered for a limited time each year from October to May. But if you are looking for the true horseback experience while seeing wildlife in it’s natural habitat, this is the vacation package to look forward to Here are some other non-horseback riding holiday adventures for you heading Down Under.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s greatest heritage sites. The Great Barrier Reef is located off the Queensland coast in the Coral Sea and is the largest coral reef in the world. Try snorkeling and diving here. The Sydney Harbor houses the breathtaking Sydney Opera House and the 'Coat hanger' Sydney Harbor Bridge. Visit the rugged terrain of Kimberley in Western Australia, with its spectacular waterfalls, red cliffs, rivers and rainforests.

King George Falls and Mitchell Falls offer breathtaking views. Why not stop off for a visit to 'Bungle Bungles' or Purnululu National Park? Then there’s the Snowy Mountains which can be explored either by foot, or by ski in winter. See Australia’s highest mountain, Ningaloo Reef, and visit the Ningaloo Marine Park. And stop off at Pound National Park in Australia’s Outback Northern Territory and walk along the Finke river - Alice Springs are also close by.

For shopping, you must go to Melbourne! Chapel Street and Greville Street are well known for their leather goods. The Melbourne Film Festival is also worth a visit, as is St James Old Cathedral with its Victorian architecture. If you like wine tasting, head to the Barossa valley. 50km northeast of Adelaide, the famous wine region in Australia is world-renowned for its wine, food and European architecture. Whitsunday’s islands in Queensland offer amazing views and activities such as snorkeling, diving and swimming.

Don’t miss the famous Whitehaven Beach, one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Ayers Rock, or Uluru, is also known as “The Heart of Australia” and is one of Australia's most famous symbols. It stands at 348 meters high with a 9km circumference, making it the world’s largest monolith. It changes color depending on the time of day - a truly beautiful sight.

While at an Australian station, experience the up and coming sport of Campdrafting! Or venture out on horseback to experience the best horse treks Australia has to offer. Horseback riding holidays in Australia are perfect for riders of all abilities, so are suited to both experienced riders as well as children who come with adults as part of a family dude ranch vacation.

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- Jody Dahl