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Top50 Ranches - Who We Are
Top50 Jan 02 2011 – Simply Heaven for Horse Riders!

Take a moment, sit back and imagine yourself taking one of the best holidays of your life...!

Fresh air, stunning vistas, wide open spaces, the feel of a quality horse beneath you as he carries to the next rise, the sound of cattle as you help move a herd to new pasture, listening to coyotes as the sun goes down.

A drink before supper as your muscles relax and as the heat of the day fades away, a delicious home cooked meal and warm conversation with friends, both old and new. is an inspirational website helping discerning travellers find their idea of the perfect ranch experience at the most exciting and romantic ranches one can visit.

The website features a collection of the best ranches throughout the world based upon great riding experiences and unsurpassed hospitality through thorough research and unbiased guest reviews.

Each ranch is unique in some way, whether in its riding opportunities, natural surroundings, owners and staff, or the unique activities they offer.

Every ranch featured is researched in full detail and reviewed and highlighted with full honesty. Each of our ranches offers a memorable experience - from ranching first to pure luxury.

Your riding experience can vary from cattle drives, wildlife safaris, mountain pack trips, unguided riding, sheep drives, and riding tours through South America.

With true, quality riding opportunities at the forefront of the guest experience, the top ranches in a range of riding categories from cross country and trail riding to cattle and horse drives have been chosen.

Through guest feedback, the Top50 blog, and Top50 'Ranch Highlights', the team give you a sense of what to expect on your trip.

Be inspired through beautiful photos, the clean design and explicit ranch information to help you choose the right defined ranch experience for you.
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