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Kate Matheson - From UK Gamour Magazine to Ranch Life and Top50 at

Kate Matheson - From UK Gamour Magazine to Ranch Life and Top50
Top50 Jan 01 2011

FROM the heady heights of living and working in London for one of the country’s top fashion and lifestyle magazines, Kate Matheson changed her life upside down when heading to the USA to work for Here we find out more about Kate and her decision to head for the mountains!

From UK Glamour Magazine to Ranch Life

WITH a love of the outdoors, life for Kate Matheson has become one long adventure thanks to a change in career and the team at
Former photo editor for Glamour Magazine, Kate Matheson has been swept away by ranch life and she is now working for the leading name when it comes to finding your perfect ranch holiday.

Kate has always dreamt of ranch life and when taking time out from Glamour Magazine to travel to a Montana guest ranch she never envisaged she would fall in love ( with the lifestyle ) and never look back.

Living ranch-style for three months took a tight hold of her and she quickly fell in love with the wide open spaces and the cowboy way of life, resulting in Kate resigning from Glamour Magazine and heading back out to the ranch.

Now in her fourth year at Runamuk Ranch working with Jody and Toby Dahl, Kate assists with the day to day running of the business and helped Jody set up a new venture which is now

Kate has been instrumental in the foundation of with the website representing only the best riding holidays in the world.

She currently shares her time between England as a freelance photo editor for a number of UK publications and Montana working with

With all Kate’s knowledge and experience of being around horses from a young age, being in Montana has been an education on a whole new way of life and horsemanship.

Kate has learnt many training techniques used by cowboys and cowgirls, most of them being based on natural horsemanship.

Day to day duties on the ranch vary depending on the season. In winter the horses need rounding up from the thousands of acres they are roaming on and cattle need feeding daily.
In spring the fences and water pipes are checked ready for the summer and the arrival of the foals and calves. It is then on to banding the cattle before letting them loose to graze.

Joining the team at Runamuk Ranch, guests are eager to experience ranching and the western way of life including first class hospitality.

Jody and her family have been welcoming guests to the ranch for years, and Kate shares their passion that everyone should be able to enjoy the riding experience of a lifetime.

The philosophy has been built on providing a unique platform where people can choose from only the best ranch holidays in far flung destinations.

Said Kate: "With we're not looking for just any ranch; we're looking for only the best global ranches in the industry to ensure that as a guest you will have the top ranch experience. With the quality of ranches we represent, this is a product anyone would be proud of." showcases the best inspirational ranch holidays throughout the world with unparalleled riding and gracious hospitality at the forefront. Each ranch is unique, offers a 'one of a kind' experience, and focuses on true quality.

If you are looking to stay in the height of luxury or on a rustic ranch in the mountainside moving cattle, will have something to suit everyone. Not only that the website has a unique personal shopper service to get you looking the part ready for your trip of a lifetime.
For your ideal ranch experience or further information visit – it could change your life!


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