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Horsemanship holidays on a dude ranch at

Horsemanship holidays on a dude ranch
Top50 Mar 03 2014

The sky is the limit when choosing a horsemanship holiday on a dude ranch. From joining cattle drives and trail riding to improving your horseback riding skills in the arena, having a go at barrel racing or exploring the world of horse behaviour, all your equestrian needs are catered for. 

Supported by experienced wranglers, instructors and practitioners, guests can expand their horsemanship skills in stunning surroundings, while confident that they are in safe, knowledgable hands. Many of the ranches offer a combination of horsemanship-focused stays and personalised vacations where you can combine horsemanship with other ranch activities.

Don't forget that many of Top50's family-friendly ranches offer children's programs, which leave the adults free to have their own ranch experience while their children join like-minded youngsters in a variety of activities, including learning to rope and picnic rides.

To find out more about the range of horsemanship holidays available on dude ranches, visit the Top50 Ranches blog or browse our recommend list of horseback riding holidays.

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