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Chico Basin Ranch opens gates of new horse sanctuary at Chico Basin Ranch

Chico Basin Ranch opens gates of new horse sanctuary
Chico Basin Ranch Oct 06 2011

Top50’s Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado, USA, has opened the gates of Ranchlands Horse Sanctuary, offering homes to retired or injured horses. Ranchlands Horse Sanctuary (RHS) is a new program launched by working guest ranch Chico Basin, in Colorado Springs. Specializing in providing homes for retired or injured horses, RHS offers owners somewhere to place their horse, safe in the knowledge their animal will spend the rest of its days happy and healthy on open range pastures.

Says Chico Basin’s David Leach: “Our goal is to provide horses a home in their natural environment, where they can live free to run, sleep and eat to their fill. We welcome horses that are physically able to live in open range conditions, as their ancestors did, centuries ago. We run over 150 horses that are used on the cattle and bison ranches that we run, so we understand horses and all the details pertaining to their care and welfare.”

For horses coming from small, contained environments, moving to the expanse and freedom of Chico Basin’s open range can be a dramatic change. The RHS program places special attention on monitoring all horses within the herd, and ensuring each animal requiring special attention is cared for appropriately. Where necessary this includes supplemental feed, hoof trimming, medical treatment and care of injuries.

Owners contribute an annual fee to place their horse under the care of RHS, plus costs for special care items not already covered by the program.

Do you have a horse who would love to spend the rest of his days in his natural environment, receiving first class care and medical attention? To discover how you can take part in the program, contact Ranchlands Horse Sanctuary on (719) 683.7960.

For more information, full program Terms and Conditions, and to learn about a special discount for ACTHA members, visit

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