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Echo Valley Ranch & Spa - Story Ideas at Echo Valley Ranch and Spa

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa - Story Ideas
Echo Valley Ranch and Spa Jan 17 2011

From the first sip of spring-fed water out of your stainless steel water bottle you are inspired by the pristine beauty of the landscape and begin to understand why every member of the team at Echo Valley is a steward of the land. This philosophy is woven through every aspect of ranch life from the zero-waste in food acquisition and production, ranch-raised beef, pork, and turkey for organic meats, to the two self-sustaining geothermal systems that heat the buildings. Life here is guided by a sense of awe; never more acute than when you gaze at the stars at night through unpolluted air and discover planets you'd never seen before.
High-octane in the outdoors
The best way to arrive at Echo Valley is by plane on the Ranch's own private runway. As well as getting a bird's eye view of the ranch and the spectacular Cariboo landscape, flying is just the first of many adventures. Take a 4 x 4 wildlife safari into the Fraser Canyon and you might as well be airborne: the road winds down a craggy cliff offering breath-taking views of the river below where bighorn sheep graze on almost vertical rock face. If getting on to the water gives you a thrill, book a white-water rafting excursion and set the adrenaline pumping as the raft thrashes through the rolling waters. Then tone it down with a muscle-soothing treatment back at the spa at sundown.

Everyone falls for a four-legged friend at Echo Valley: Many of the horses are Tennessee Walkers, famous for their smooth gait, and dream ride for all abilities. Take a picnic lunch and ride the range all day, exploring the trails that cowboys have ridden for a century. Book a lesson in the outdoor ring and brush up your barrel racing skills, or back on the ground, try your hand at lassoing a steer - a wooden steer, that is!

Cariboo Highlights
Head north from Echo Valley and visit Xat'sull Heritage Village at Soda Creek. This has been a First Nation village on the banks of the Fraser River for thousands of years. Talk with elders, listen to storytelling, watch ceremonial dancing, or help prepare a traditional feast. Further north, traditional lands meet the Wild West days when you stop at Barkerville. Here, wind the clock back to the Gold Rush when miners and prospectors thronged this Historic Town. Tour the town with a colourful character, pan for gold and visit the preserved Chinatown.

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