Are you a Dude or a Cowboy?

Take our 15 question quiz to find out...



1. A group of saddle horses is called:

2. The proper term for a cowboy's riding whip is:

3. To dally is to...:

4. Female cows before they've had a calf are called:

5. Best way to describe a sorrel horse is:

6. Designs carved into a cowboy's saddle are called:

7. Fill in the blanks to this cowboy song, "Goodbye _ _ I'm leavin' Cheyenne"

8. A cowboy's favorite drink...:

9. Which activity does not occur at a branding...:

10. When a cowboy throws a hoolihan, he:

11. A cowboy's latigo is a leather strap that tightens:

12. How does a cowboy tell a storm is a'comin':

13. A cowboy measures his horse in...:

14. Touching a cowboy's hat is a sign of :

15. "You can put boots in the oven, but that don't make 'em biscuits" means...: