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Visitor aged 66
North Carolina

Please provide one interesting tidbit about the ranch owners or staff...

The owner acquired this ranch over 30 years ago, and has personally designed and built the stunning main lodge and capriciously charming guest cabins with the help of gauchos who have lived on this estancia for generations.

What makes this riding program stand out...

We met our horses at a remote gaucho outpost, where they were waiting to carry us into the spectacular mountains and all the way to the Estancia's lodge on a high bluff overlooking a sparkling river gorge. The horses are sleek, well cared for and trained. They are a mix of native Criollo, quarterhorse, Arab and Thoroughbred stock, many of them "retired" (at age 6 or 7) from the rigors of gaucho life. They can reliably take you where no ATV could, to access spectacular mountain ridges and lakes. You can define your own riding program day-by-day, and can take as much (or as little) part as you want in the rounding up, grooming and tacking of your mount.

What about this ranch brings guests back...

This is a magical place. The remoteness is intoxicating, and the scenery is incredible. At night, the dark skies reveal the breathtaking Milky Way, and moonlight sparkles in the river far below. This is not just a vacation, it is an extraordinary, life-affirming experience.

Another bit of information you'd like Top50 to know...

The owner delights in assembling a fascinating entourage of family, volunteers, permaculture students, gauchos and staff to run all aspects of the ranch, from the horse-trekking and cattle operations to the gardens and grounds.

Would you return...

Yes, though it will take a while before we'd be ready to face another of those long flights between the States and Buenos Aires!

Would you recommend this ranch to others...

Yes indeed, so long as they know and accept the relative rigors that such a remote location entails.




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