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Visitor aged 45
new york

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We only stayed one night, but wish it was more! Nestled next to the Great Sand Dunes, was an adventure in itself. As we entered the drive way - we were met with a herd of deer grazing in the front yard. We were fortuane to be the only ones at the ranch (off season) and were treated like family. We had a wonderful dinner prepared for us, and a fantastic breakfast in the morning. Lunches were made for our travels - with homemade choc chip cookies. It was an awesome experience.

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Located on a ranch, we were able to see the horses gathered first thing in the morning. It was like something out of a Western movie! Breath taking!

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Location is great for hiking, Great Sand Dunes, horseback riding, etc. We were traveling the four corner states, but hope to return for a week next time~

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It's like the best kept secret of the western states. My children and I played board games, walked in the evening sunset, and just "connected". We saw an owl and another large bird fighting like something off from National Geographic.

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Its a great family destination when you want to get away from the x-boxes, TV's, etc and just connect with each other.

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