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Visitor aged 58

Please provide one interesting tidbit about the ranch owners or staff...

The owners as well as the staff make you feel like family.

What makes this riding program stand out...

The adventure riding is amazing. Not your usual trail rides, but adventurous, strenuous and very scenic.

What about this ranch brings guests back...

The fact that it is so big, and all the rides so different, that you want to go back to explore what you missed . . . or you just don't want to leave.

Another bit of information you'd like Top50 to know...

Rancho Los Banos makes is clear on their website that their adventure is not for everyone. But it was perfect for us!

Would you return...

We would go back in a heartbeat!! The horseback riding was phenomenal, and the scenery exquisite!

Would you recommend this ranch to others...

We would definitely recommend this ranch to others. If you love horseback riding, hiking, mountains, desert, nature, fresh air, relaxing on a porch after an adventurous day and listening to coyotes howl before retreating inside to relax and converse with other guests and your hosts before a roaring fire, then you’ll love this place!



Ranch Setting

Western Hospitality

Food & Wine


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