Working Ranch Vacations: July Photo of the Month

BY Jody Dahl | Mon 23 Jul, 2012

Working ranch vacations aren't just about horseback riding, cattle drives and other ranch activities - some of the most memorable moments (and best vacation snaps) can come off-ranch - as July's Photo of the Month perfectly demonstrates...

Photo: Toby Dahl Photography

July's photo of the month comes courtesy of Toby Dahl Photography and was taken at the annual Will James Roundup in Hardin, Montana. Take a working ranch vacation in Big Sky Country at any one of Top50's Montana working ranches, and you can see bronc riding and other rodeo sports at this, and other, authentic local rodeos.

Says Top50's Editor, Mel: "This incredible shot might have come from a Montana rodeo, but head anywhere in the world for a working ranch vacation and you might see something similar. While bronc riding is famous as a rodeo sport, this and other rodeo games all have roots on working ranches. On ranches where young colts are backed for riding, a cowboy's ability to sit a good buck or two comes in pretty handy! Whether you head to one of Montana's working ranches to see it for real, or to a local rodeo to see cowboys competing to sit '8 seconds' in the saddle of a bucking bronc horse, you can be guaranteed some hair-raising camera shots like this."

If you want to head to next year's Will James Roundup, why not book a Montana ranch vacation? Or to see ranch cowboys sitting some bucks for real, you might want to take an authentic working ranch vacation. Either way - don't forget your camera!

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