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BY Jody Dahl | Fri 13 Jan, 2012

Argentine National Rodeo Championships, January 2012

Looking to add a little cultural flair to your repertoire? Visit Estancia Los Potreros during the Argentine National Rodeo Championships the second week every year in January.

Photo taken by Louisa Begg(January 2012) of Estancia Los Potreros. Each year Louisa takes guests to watch the rodeo and all its flair!

The National Doma (rodeo) and Folkloric Music Festival takes place usually the second week in January, running over 10 days. It's a complete non-tourist event! The only tourists you'll see there...guests from Estancia Los Potreros!

Taking place just over an hour from the Estancia in Jesus Maria, an agricultural town in the province of Córdoba.

So, What’s it all about, you're wondering!?

This annual festival is the national finals of the Argentine rodeo circuit, and includes competitors from all over the country and further afield in Latin America. In Argentina, ‘doma’, applies exclusively to horses and literally translates as ‘taming’. It involves gauchos getting on the back of unbroken horses in three different disciplines – saddle, bareback and a third which consists of a large ‘sponge’/piece of foam held onto the horse with a surcingle/overgirth which the gaucho sits behind. Riders are judged on two things – firstly their ability to stay on for a fixed amount of time depending on the discipline (14 seconds for saddles, 8 seconds for bareback), and providing they stay on they are then judged for style, so there is much extravagant waving of the gaucho cattle whip, a flat piece of leather known as a ‘rebenque’. There is no prize to speak of . . .just a few hundred dollars and the pride of winning. Aside from the horses, there is folklore music from the best performers in Argentina, that plays until the small hours of the morning, and a fair outside the main arena selling saddlery and gaucho wear along with other trinkets.

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Or, just see if for yourself when you visit with working argentine estancia in January! Estancia Los Potreros

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