We have landed in Buenos Aires! This beautiful Glu Hotel is where we await our adventure!

BY Jody Dahl | Mon 07 Feb, 2011

Top50 has landed in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Top50 Ranches has landed in Buenos Aires and has freshened up at Glu Hotel (which we'll be staying at later in the trip).An amazing, beautiful hotel where we'll be sharing photos and video soon, so stay tuned.

We're going to spend the day exploring Palermo district, possibly looking for a gaucho style hat...apparently the shopping is excellent around here.

At 4pm we'll be  catching  the over-night coach to the Neuquen Region where, after another taxi ride, we'll be greeted by horses and Ashley of Estancia Ranquilco  to begin the journey in the spirit of a true adventure...we'll be horseback riding for approximately 2 hours to reach Estancia Ranquilco as it lies beyond the reach of all roads!

Glu Hotel Terrace...heaven!

Glu Hotel, Buenes Aires Argentina

Glu Hotel - A Very Classy and hospitable Hotel. We highly recommend a stay here.


Glu Hotel, Buenes Aires Argentina

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