Molson and Bud - not just your average beer - Continuing the Tradition of Making Men Happy!

BY Jody Dahl | Mon 07 Feb, 2011

They say that beer is proof that God wanted man to be happy - two horses, carrying the name, will be making you happy in the summer of '11 and for several years to come.

Tod Mountain Guest Ranch, British Columbia, Canada your next destination for an amazing guest ranch vacation, is home to two amazing riding horses - Meet Molson and Bud. Great tasting, less filling? Not exactly...more like...Great Riding, More Satisfying.

An 11 year old Sorrel Quarter Horse, Bud came to Tod Mountain Guest Ranch in May 2009 when Tracey's good neighbors decided to trade in their 4-leggeds for 4x4s. Bud likes to be ridden and loves to be active, so once his owners made the switcheroo, he decided to hop a few fences and and stay active with us at Tod Mountain! From novice to experienced, this fella will take you up and over the next rise and work with you to cover every ounce of the beautiful Crown Wilderness trails!

A 13 year old Bay Quarter Horse gelding landed at Tod Mounain Guest Ranch in September of '09. Last season, Molson got his "feet under him" as Wrangler Steve's official lead horse. After putting in his time, he has now graduated to a trusty steed for you experienced riders!
Well, if beer is proof that God wanted man to be happy...perhaps Molson and Bud are proof that you are certain to be happy at your next guest ranch vacation at Tod Mountain Guest Ranch, British Columbia, Canada.

Tod Mountain Ranch horse Bud


Tod Mountain Ranch horse Molson

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